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Tiger seemingly unaware of its own grounding extension as it declares “nobody’s perfect”

It was a somber experience to listen to Tiger Airways Holdings acting chief executive Chin Yau Seng on Thursday night reiterate the group’s commitment to safety and the Australian market, its desire to resume services as quickly as possible, and the “demonstration of commitment” Tiger made by appointing a former Qantas chief pilot as a […]

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Qantas 747

Hold on–is Qantas dying or highly profitable?

Sunset or sunrise for Qantas? Photograph: AirSpace user flcriminal At first glance Qantas’s announcement that it expects to make $83m-133m this half for an annual profit before tax of A$500-550m–a 1.07-1.18% increase from last year–seems incompatible with statements four months ago effectively predicting the end of the airline, let alone its claims it cannot afford […]

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It doesn’t add up: Tiger cutting growth in Australia

Tiger Airways Australia’s decision to “shelve” planned growth this year for its Australian division and defer future aircraft from Australia after incurring a weather-related loss raises serious questions about the carrier’s operation and safety here. Tiger’s Australian division incurred an annual loss to 31 March of SGD$7.1m (A$5.4m), up from last year’s S$0.6m. ”That was primarily due to the […]

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Balancing game change and short cash at Virgin Blue

The epithet “the airline industry is always in crisis” could be your reaction to Virgin Blue’s announcement this morning that it expects to post a financial loss of A$30-80m this year compared to last year’s $34.3m profit.Indeed, Virgin Blue has been directly affected by a number of incidents that are affecting travel demand: Queensland floods, […]

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Borghetti for 21 Feb 11.JPG

What will Virgin Blue announce this week?

This Wednesday has been tooted as a very historical day for the Virgin Blue Group. Besides the group’s half-annual results, what might we hear? Here are some possibilities. New uniform. All but guaranteed: flight attendants have picked up their uniforms, signed confidentiality agreements, and will start wearing the uniform on 23 February, the same day […]

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A320 and A380

Why you should have seen it coming – Qantas ‘dying’

Photograph: AirSpace user afkabruce98 There should have been no surprise at Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce’s speech last Thursday that the venerable carrier is setting up a task force as it is financially “falling significantly short of where we should be” and Joyce not wanting to see Qantas “decay”, leading to the media headlines of […]

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Qantas A380

Qantas: A Woolworths Airline?

A Qantas A380 departs Heathrow for Sydney via Singapore. Photographed by AirSpace user apgphoto. Except for the shareholders who won’t be receiving a dividend, the Qantas Group’s fiscal year 2010 annual results, announced today, seem magical.The Group brought in $610m less revenue than last year but made (after taxes and interest) $277m more in profit. […]

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Virgin Blue Poised to Introduce Business Class for Better Margins; Borghetti Refutes ‘Desk Clearing’ Profit Downgrade

Virgin Blue’s short-haul fleet is poised to see the introduction of business class under the carrier’s “New Blue” strategy. (Photo: Will Horton)Virgin Blue’s long-term “New Blue” strategy for the group aims to capture more of the corporate market with a business class while vowing its leisure product will be “attacking all three of our competitors […]

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Air NZ Half-Year Results; Will Improve Trans-Tasman Service

At Air NZ’s half-year financial results, CEO Rob Fyfe announced his carrier will make undisclosed improvements to itsTrans-Tasman product. The carrier will start to unveil the improvementsin mid-March, after which Fyfe said competitors would be “scrambling to catch up”.The improvements come as Air NZ faces “unstable market dynamics” on the Trans-Tasman market, as Fyfe characterized […]

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