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Video: Virgin flair alive and well as Branson conducts in-flight toilet paper race

In this edition of quirky news, despite some bemoaning Virgin Australia is losing its flair with its new management and chasing the high-yield corporate market, Sir Richard Branson keeps the Virgin ethos rolling.Branson held a toilet paper race while flying a Virgin Australia Boeing 737 on Friday. The race was simple if primitive: each aisle […]

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Woe to Qantas as reviewer inadvertently praises Virgin Australia

Poor Qantas Group. Someone, PR or reviewer, tries to make a joke but only ends up praising Virgin Australia. First there was Jetstar and seat colours and now it is espresso.The Sun-Herald review of Qantas’ (over-hyped) 747 service to Perth concludes: Sky Report’s only black mark was our flight attendant’s (albeit gentle) mocking when we […]

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Virgin Australia’s first A330 flight will have one special passenger on board

In this edition of quirky news, the first Virgin Australia Airbus A330-200 flight, DJ663, is due to depart Sydney for Perth at 8 a.m. this morning with one very special passenger on board. Virgin group founder Sir Richard Branson? No. Chief executive John Borghetti? No. Yours truly? Aww shucks, I am flying on it but […]

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Jetstar’s seat colour joke an accolade to Virgin Australia

This edition of quirky news is courtesy of Jetstar’s press release today announcing its new a la carte fare structure. Commenting on the ability to pick an assortment of offerings, the release quotes Jetstar chief executive Bruce Buchanan saying: “You can choose almost everything but the seat colour.”It was a spin on Henry Ford’s classic […]

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Singapore 777 makes cameo in Virgin Australia ad #NewVirgin

This edition of quirky news is brought to you by Virgin Australia, whose new sixty-second television advertisement features music by Les Gock Sound Thinking and cameos from uniform designer Juli Grbac, creative director Hans Hulsbosch, and a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft. Say what? The 777 makes a brief appearance around the :46 second mark when […]

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Aeropelican flights took off with wrong passengers?

There is buzz going around that Aeropelican did not realise until after takeoff that ground staff at Narrabri airport in regional New South Wales confused two Aeropelican flights and mistakenly loaded the wrong passengers on each aircraft.Flight OT5702 was due to depart Narrabri for Brisbane yesterday morning at 8:20, five minutes before the 8:25 a.m. […]

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Virgin Blue prepares truthful April Fools’ jig

For April Fools’ tomorrow Virgin Blue is expected to launch a campaign that it will pass off as a joke, as a fun, laid-back Virgin carrier might do. But it is believed an element of that campaign will actually be true.Let the guessing begin.

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A lounge worse than McDonald’s and service lower than a “snake’s scrotum”: funny complaints to Air New Zealand

For some weekend fun I thought I would transcribe funny complaint letters Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe received and shared during an address at the National Aviation Press Club in Sydney last year.Fyfe preceded the tales by noting he generally receives four compliments for every complaint and that he personally responds to ever […]

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It was this video that got Air NZ into trouble?

In this edition of quirky news, ever since Air New Zealand had its employees, including chief executive Rob Fyfe, strip for videos, some people had been claiming Air NZ had gone too far. With each new video and characters introduced–notably a fluffy and sleazy mammal with a penchant for wearing purple vests–came more protests.And now […]

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Oh cr@p! C172 a likely write-off after landing in sewage pond

While most of New Zealand is taking today easy on account of it being Labour Day, two pilots were working to extricate themselves from a sewage pond after their C172 overran the runway during a touch-and-go at Thames airport in NZ’s North Island (see map below).The duo were injured–physically, at least–and there was no structural […]

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