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AA 737

Locusts latest plague to aircraft

In this edition of quirky aviation news, just as the world forgets the Icelandic volcano that caused flight delays and ash-gate, CASA tell us nature is back at work reviving a primordial threat: locusts. “Locusts can fly up to 3000 feet and can be in swarms of up to 50 million,” CASA warns. “In sufficient numbers […]

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Photo: New slogan on AirAsia X aircraft: ‘Liberate Sydney. End the monopoly’

AirAsia X has no qualms using bloodless prose when it comes to the Malaysian government blocking the carrier’s application to fly to Sydney and other key routes, which the government interprets as a threat to AirAsia X competitor and national carrier Malaysia Airlines. “Minister of Transport says public will welcome having choice between LCC and […]

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With Oprah’s help Qantas overtakes high-rolling junket title from V Australia

In this installment of quirky news, the queen of daytime TV in America may have given away cars to her audience, but for the start of her 25th and final season, Oprah Winfrey teamed up with Qantas to fly “over 300 of Oprah’s most loyal viewers” to Australia in December for an eight-day, all expenses […]

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Man Pounces on Tiger Terminal

Had Tiger chosen to write a press release regarding the overnight incident of a man breaking into its Gold Coast terminal and proceeding to break windows and upend furniture, one suspects they would have given in to their tendency to use the pun “pounce”.Alas, there was no press release, so I’ll make the Tiger-rific quip […]

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Swiss Air Force PC9.JPG

Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Landing Gear Doors?

A Swiss PC9, taken by AirSpace user Jackus39 In this installment of quirky aviation news, the Royal Australian Air Force has issued a statement that a RAAF PC9 conducting a training mission over Heyfield in eastern Victoria  today “had two landing gear doors separate from the aircraft during flight”.For the uninitiated, the RAAF is kind […]

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Air NZ Eye Mask.jpg

Quirky News: Create a Cocktail, Snack or Eye Mask for Air NZ

How would you like to have that as your business class eye mask? Air NZ is inviting the public to design cocktails, snacks, and eye masks.Last year when V Australia unveiled its first B777-300ER, it boasted of a women-only loo, wall paper with hidden Australian icons, and salt and pepper shakers modeled after the Sydney […]

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Air NZ Spooning.jpg

Air NZ: Please Spoon (Yes, As In the Innuendo)

In this edition of quirky news, when Singapore Airlines introduced its first class suite on its A380, it had to make clear “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behaviour, which roughly translated as no sex, although squeaky clean Singapore never used the S word.Air New Zealand, however, to promote its quasi-bed economy seat is actively using a different, […]

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Pac Blue Ad Feb 2010.jpg

Quirky News: Pacific Blue’s Cheeky Ad

Virgin Blue subsidiary Pacific Blue gets props in this edition of quirky news. The honour is for its cheeky ad campaign promoting NZ-Australia flights.First, some context: an earthquake last July moved New Zealand’s South Island 30cm closer to Australia.And now the ad from an e-mail sent earlier this week:For those looking to brush up on […]

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Quirky News: Air NZ’s Drink-Driving Problem?

In this edition of quirky news, it’s bad enough for an airline when one its pilot gets arrested for being drunk. But it’s really bad when a police superintendent says an airline has an underlying alcohol problem, as Air New Zealand has been accused of.From January to May 2008, according to recently released documents, four […]

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Virgin Girl Gay Flag.jpg

Quirky News: Drag Queens and Virgin’s New Flag

In this edition of quirky aviation news, drag queens are taking over the industry. (Cue Seinfeld: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)Virgin Blue announced its holiday division will offer a special Mardi Gras themed flight, 25 February’s DJ 857 from Melbourne to Sydney, host of the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. Virgin Blue is […]

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