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Tiger seemingly unaware of its own grounding extension as it declares “nobody’s perfect”

It was a somber experience to listen to Tiger Airways Holdings acting chief executive Chin Yau Seng on Thursday night reiterate the group’s commitment to safety and the Australian market, its desire to resume services as quickly as possible, and the “demonstration of commitment” Tiger made by appointing a former Qantas chief pilot as a […]

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Senator’s proposed cabin crew rights bill more humble than revolutionary

Domestic tag flights between international services on Jetstar Airbus A330 flights are in contention with Senator Nick Xenophon. The prospect of the government banning foreign cabin crew on domestic flights, as reported in some outlets, would be a bold step–but if only it were true.In reality the private bill Independent Senator for South Australia Nick […]

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One way or another, Tiger Australia service resumption in sight

Soon opening for business again? The Civil Aviation Safety Authority now believes Tiger Airways Australia is nearing a position to safely resume services.Yesterday the safety regulator indicated it had concluded its basic investigation of Tiger as it gave the carrier a set of undisclosed conditions, some of which Tiger must comply with before resuming services […]

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Auckland moves forward as Asia-South America hub, with potential unknown

A Dubai of the southern hemisphere? Auckland is moving forward with a goal to become a network hub for flights between Asia and South America.The New Zealand government has given its officials a mandate to negotiate new and more liberalised air service agreements with China and Brazil, as well as up to eight other countries, […]

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CASA: Tiger show cause notice too ‘damaging’ to be released

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has rejected a freedom of information request to release the show cause notice (SCN) to Tiger Airways Australia, saying the contents could harm the grounded carrier’s public perception.CASA and Tiger have only said the 23 March SCN covers areas including oversight of maintenance and pilot training.“The allegations made in the […]

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Tiger Australia chief resigns, but does it change anything?

Tiger Australia managing director Crawford Rix last November. He will now exit stage left by 31 July. A quick succession of events on Wednesday evening concluded with Tiger Airways Australia managing director Crawford Rix resigning effective the end of the month after a year on the job.Hours earlier the Civil Aviation Safety Authority announced its […]

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Tiger grounded for another three weeks as complete details remain undisclosed

Tiger Australia managing director Crawford Rix last November. Since then the airline has grown confused over what “immediate” safety issues CASA says exists. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority announced Wednesday night it will apply to the Federal Court to extend Tiger’s grounding until 1 August, but full details of the grounding’s rationale are yet to […]

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No update from Tiger until Thursday as CASA’s agitation grows

CASA is not yet feeling Tiger’s love. Grounded Tiger Airways hopes to announce by mid-day on Thursday a resumption to its services, which were suspended last Friday night through this Friday.“We’re working hard to address CASA’s concerns & get our planes flying.Updates regarding svc resumption will be made by 1200hrs AEST, 7/7/11,” the carrier says […]

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Is CASA serious about the Tiger grounding or really, really fed up?

With much focus on the Tiger grounding turning to the possibility of its “extinction”, it is worth pondering how serious the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is about Tiger posing a direct threat to safety or how fed up CASA may be with Tiger.A grounding is subjective. There are clear rules about what airlines can and […]

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Odds and ends about Tiger’s grounding

Here are some miscellaneous items relating to Tiger’s grounding.MID-AIR RETURNTiger flight 5704 from Melbourne to Cairns was in-flight on Friday night when CASA grounded Tiger. The flight returned to Tullamarine airport, the ABC reports. According to passenger accounts, Tiger only said the flight was returning for safety reasons and did not specify exactly why.PRIORITIES AND […]

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