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24 August is a rebirth, not death, for Qantas

Navigating the challenges For those of you digging through wardrobes to find your best black attire and recalling years of memories to pick a few salient points to eulogize Qantas on 24 August when chief executive Alan Joyce announces a re-structure for its international division, you would be better off to stop what you are […]

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Don’t pop the champagne yet on Qantas returning to Beijing

News of the Qantas Group returning to Beijing, after the mainline carrier withdrew in 2009, should be embraced cautiously rather than with a wide-armed ni hao.And that is not because the Airbus A330-200 route, via Singapore, is another example of the familiar protest concerning Qantas shuttling routes and anything new to Jetstar. The route raises […]

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Qantas complacency at its finest, and how Joyce may be its only hope

For some, a recent Hitler parody video explains all that is wrong with Qantas. But for those wanting a more insightful and accurate account, look no further than 13 words chief executive Alan Joyce delivered last week about Qantas International: “It has achieved its required returns only three times in the past 15 years.”And if […]

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Joyce’s ‘disappointment’ reasons over Jetstar ‘toughen up princesses’ letter are spot on

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce was spot on with why he was “disappointed” about a Jetstar line pilot’s e-mail to colleagues, and obtained by a Senator, to “Toughen up princess!” because “You aren’t fatigued, you are tired and can’t be bothered going to work.” Joyce got past the sensationalist elements to reach the crux of the […]

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If Qantas is dying, it only has itself to blame (part one: alliances)

Etihad – a missed opportunity for Qantas? Photograph: Yannick Delamarre. The importance of a global alliance–oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star–largely depends on which hemisphere you live in. If in the north, that global alliance is critical. If in the south or working for a Virgin group airline, geographic strategy comes before alliances.That maxim is now being […]

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In defense of Joyce & Qantas fleet planning

Photo: Ken DeJarlais/Boeing. When Boeing in the 1990s went to create its new long-haul twinjet, the 777, it took the hitherto unprecedented step of involving ten airlines in the aircraft’s design. All but one of those airlines would go on to order scores of 777s.The standout? Qantas.In recent years commentators have come down hard on […]

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A320 and A380

Why you should have seen it coming – Qantas ‘dying’

Photograph: AirSpace user afkabruce98 There should have been no surprise at Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce’s speech last Thursday that the venerable carrier is setting up a task force as it is financially “falling significantly short of where we should be” and Joyce not wanting to see Qantas “decay”, leading to the media headlines of […]

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What Alan Joyce thinks of Virgin’s corporate and A330 plans

Over the next few weeks Virgin Blue is expected to make a number of announcements to help the carrier capture more of the corporate market and strengthen its network. Since new strengths will come at the expense of Qantas, it is worth considering what Qantas thinks of Virgin’s plans and how Qantas plans to fend […]

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