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Air New Zealand’s sharp words for Boeing over new 787-9 delay

Add Air New Zealand to the list of customers not mincing words with Boeing over delays to its 787 Dreamliner. Chief financial officer Rob McDonald in Sydney yesterday had a concise message over news the carrier’s first 787-9, for which it is the launch customer with an order for eight, has been delayed from late […]

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Global and local perspectives of the Paris air show #PAS11

As we head into the third day of the Paris air show (our fourth day covering the show), it is interesting to compare the local and global perspectives of the show.Case in point: the Ryanair and Comac announcement. In Australia the Sydney Morning Herald is running with the headline “Ryanair steals spotlight at airshow”. Let […]

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Government v. airlines as the next step for biofuels

One possible bio-derived jet fuel option: juncea. The series of bio-derived jet fuel demonstration flights that commenced in 2008 with Virgin Atlantic and later Air New Zealand left no doubt biofuels could be a reality in aviation, and the flights helped start the biofuel certification processes.As certification is now expected imminently, there is a debate […]

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What’s left for Boeing to sell to Australia?

On Monday commenced Boeing’s week-long media tour of its Australian operations. Boeing and its partners are undertaking some interesting and worthwhile projects in Australia ranging from UAVs to composites, the big-ticket items in aviation’s future (check back later this week for updates on those).Australia is also home Boeing’s largest presence outside of America with 2,800 […]

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