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24 August is a rebirth, not death, for Qantas

Navigating the challenges For those of you digging through wardrobes to find your best black attire and recalling years of memories to pick a few salient points to eulogize Qantas on 24 August when chief executive Alan Joyce announces a re-structure for its international division, you would be better off to stop what you are […]

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Air New Zealand and Qantas take top honours at strategy awards

On Sunday evening in London Air New Zealand and Qantas took top honours at the 10th annual Airline Strategy Awards, hosted by Flightglobal publication Airline Business. UK representatives of the carriers accepted the awards at Lincoln’s Inn.Air New Zealand won for marketing, with our judges–who include Ray Webster, Joe Leonard, and Geoff Dixon–saying Air NZ […]

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Qantas to retire 767s no later than 2018

Qantas expects 2018 to be the latest year by which it will retire its 26-strong Boeing 767 fleet.The indicative timing was the only forward projection of the airline’s fleet disclosed to a recent Macquarie conference.A Qantas spokesman says the carrier could look to retire its large-capacity domestic workhorse earlier than 2018 if deliveries of 787 […]

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Qantas complacency at its finest, and how Joyce may be its only hope

For some, a recent Hitler parody video explains all that is wrong with Qantas. But for those wanting a more insightful and accurate account, look no further than 13 words chief executive Alan Joyce delivered last week about Qantas International: “It has achieved its required returns only three times in the past 15 years.”And if […]

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Hold on–is Qantas dying or highly profitable?

Sunset or sunrise for Qantas? Photograph: AirSpace user flcriminal At first glance Qantas’s announcement that it expects to make $83m-133m this half for an annual profit before tax of A$500-550m–a 1.07-1.18% increase from last year–seems incompatible with statements four months ago effectively predicting the end of the airline, let alone its claims it cannot afford […]

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Government v. airlines as the next step for biofuels

One possible bio-derived jet fuel option: juncea. The series of bio-derived jet fuel demonstration flights that commenced in 2008 with Virgin Atlantic and later Air New Zealand left no doubt biofuels could be a reality in aviation, and the flights helped start the biofuel certification processes.As certification is now expected imminently, there is a debate […]

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Video: Qantas explains why it didn’t fly during the ash cloud

This week Qantas has seemed helpless responding to Air New Zealand’s assertion that the Australian carrier, unlike Air NZ, opted not to spend extra money on fuel to fly around or below the ash cloud, sometimes increasing the flight route’s distance by 10%. Qantas was adamant with its short “safety over schedule” maxim while Air […]

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Qantas domestic cuts bring it back to reality

Qantas, including Jetstar, will trim domestic capacity and defer or cancel forthcoming narrow-body aircraft, including Boeing 737-800s. Although the Qantas Group’s domestic network–mainline and Jetstar–is not as glamorous as its international network, it is profitable and, along with the frequent flyer programme, props up Qantas’s loss-making international network. It thus seems especially concerning when Qantas […]

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Qantas not concerned about A380 fuel diversions

In non-ashcloud news, Qantas has found no evidence suggesting recent diversions on itsAirbus A380 fleet due to low fuel are outside of an acceptablethreshold, as we reported earlier this month on our Air Transport Intelligence news wire.“There is no data suggesting any of this is above normal,” said PeterBroschofsky, Qantas general manager for environment and […]

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War of words over ash continues

The war of words continues between Qantas and Air New Zealand about who is and is not right to fly even once CASA clears airlines to fly but leaves decisions with individual airlines. These arguments are all PR control and still do not definitively answer why Qantas is not flying routes other airlines are, but […]

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