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A380 QF32 repairs followed by new problems, and what it says about the engineering union dispute

After borescope inspections like this one carried out on the no. 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine of VH-OQC in November 2010, an oil tube started leaking oil. Photo: Will Horton Inspections on A380-powering Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines carried out in the wake of last November’s uncontained engine failure on Qantas flight 32 were followed by […]

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Southwest’s fuselage tear and the lessons Qantas (and Boeing) already learned

Those following last week’s five-foot-long fuselage tear (bottom right photo) in a Southwest Boeing 737-300, and the implications for regional 737 Classic operators here, may have read the Wall Street Journal’s account of Southwest’s and Boeing’s initial reactions to the incident and how to progress, with the key emphasis on Southwest possibly starting a new […]

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How QF32 should not have been able to land & other stories

Damage on Qantas A380 VH-OQA from the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 uncontained engine failure last November. Photo: Dave Evans. After shedding an $11 million dollar engine’s intermediate pressure chamber, having a continuous fuel leak that caused the port wing to be 10 tonnes lighter than the starboard wing, and addressing some 58 ECAM messages generated by […]

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Rolls-Royce had early warning of Trent 900 manufacturing problems

We finally have part of an answer to a big outstanding question from last November’s uncontained Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine failure on Qantas A380 flight QF32: what Rolls-Royce knew of the powerplant’s weakness and why the C mod was introduced.Following QF32 it became clear problems on the Trent 900 were confined to two of three […]

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New insight into QF32 Trent 900 failure on ABC Four Corners Monday night

At 8:30 tonight the ABC1 Four Corners programme will air an hour-long documentary on November’s QF32 accident. Full reviews are embargoed until tonight, but those interested in the matter will definitely want to watch the programme. ABC has released in advance for reviewers the first half hour, which covers the flight from departure to return […]

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Qantas prepared to wait for commercial settlement with Rolls-Royce

Photograph: AirSpace user flyer1 Qantas is prepared to wait to reach a commercial settlement with Rolls-Royce for recuperating costs from a November uncontained Trent 900 engine failure on a Qantas Airbus A380 aircraft, chief financial officer Gareth Evans says in Sydney.“We want to reach the right commercial settlement for Qantas and we’ll take the time […]

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Qantas’s damaged A380 to return to service this year #QF32

Photograph: AirSpace user Orville The Qantas Airbus A380 aircraft damaged last November during an uncontained Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine failure on flight QF32 will return to service this calendar year, chief executive Alan Joyce says in Sydney. “We’ll be in the air by the end of the year with that aircraft,” Joyce says. He cautions, […]

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VH-OQA still due to re-enter service, Qantas affirms

Photograph: PA Photos It has nearly been three months since the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 uncontained failure on Qantas A380 flight QF32. Since the 4 November accident little has been seen of the aircraft involved, VH-OQA and named Nancy-Bird Walton.Theories ranging from the humble to extravagant are circulating about the aircraft’s fate, but a Qantas spokesman […]

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More questions than answers with Qantas resuming A380 flights to LAX

Qantas’s announcement today that following the removal of thrust limitations it will resume limited LAX A380 flights on 16 January with QF93 departing MEL for LAX leaves more questions than answers.The only answer we have is ‘when’: when Qantas will resume A380 trans-Pacific flights. Missing is the more critical ‘how’.That flight from MEL is the […]

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Qantas could resume LAX flights if it wanted to

Photograph: AirSpace user afkabruce98 There is rightfully much attention as to when Qantas will resume A380 operations across the Pacific to Los Angeles. The route in its duopoly heyday was a huge financial boon for the carrier and the A380 remains in the spotlight following the November uncontained engine failure.The fact is, as some more […]

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