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Virgin Australia ATR72

Virgin Australia finally unveils little-surprise regional route network

A Virgin ATR 72-500 bearing a French test registration. Photo: AirSpace user commercial aviation. Another of Virgin Australia’s poorly-kept secrets was made official today: Virgin’s new ATR 72-500 aircraft, to be operated by Skywest, will be used initially on the east coast to commence new services in October to Gladstone and Brisbane to Port Macquarie. […]

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Branson XFB.JPG

Announcements pending for Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is expected to make the most of Sir Richard Branson’s ongoing visit to Australia by disclosing strategic decisions. The Virgin Group founder is in Australia for charity talks, announced Virgin’s eucalyptus biofuel project, and is having some mid-flight fun with toilet paper.Some announcements were due to be released late last week but were […]

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Branson LA Feb 09 szd.JPG

Video: Virgin flair alive and well as Branson conducts in-flight toilet paper race

In this edition of quirky news, despite some bemoaning Virgin Australia is losing its flair with its new management and chasing the high-yield corporate market, Sir Richard Branson keeps the Virgin ethos rolling.Branson held a toilet paper race while flying a Virgin Australia Boeing 737 on Friday. The race was simple if primitive: each aisle […]

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VH-YFC with hump detail.JPG

Virgin Australia has capability to use mobile phones in-flight

The antenna for the SAT-2200 avionics suite connects to AeroMobile’s connectivity service, which can support in-flight mobile phone usage. The antenna is encased under a radome near the tail. Virgin Australia’s newest Boeing 737-800s have been fitted with AeroMobile’s connectivity solution that supports in-flight voice calls, SMS, and GPRS (3G) data usage. Initially Virgin Australia […]

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Virgin Australia ad seats-2.jpg

Are these Virgin Australia’s new A330 business class seats?

Half-way through a promotional video interview with Virgin Australia creative director and livery designer Hans Hulsbosch, the film crew turn their cameras to computer screens depicting the uniform manual, livery design, lounge layout, and a set of business class seats.But the business class seats shown–screen captured above from the video’s 1:28 mark–are not seats installed […]

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Government v. airlines as the next step for biofuels

One possible bio-derived jet fuel option: juncea. The series of bio-derived jet fuel demonstration flights that commenced in 2008 with Virgin Atlantic and later Air New Zealand left no doubt biofuels could be a reality in aviation, and the flights helped start the biofuel certification processes.As certification is now expected imminently, there is a debate […]

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Puyehue volcano ash.jpg

Has Southern Hemisphere learned from north about ash?

A column of smoke and ashes expelled by the Puyehue volcano in Entre Lagos, 1.100 km south of Santiago, capital of Chile. Southern Chile’s Puyehue volcano erupted for the first time in half a century Saturday. Photo: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/Rex Features. As Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano eruption brings operations to a halt at Melbourne airport and causes […]

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Is Virgin Australia hiding that it has in-flight connectivity?

Recent Boeing 737-800 deliveries to Virgin Australia have been notable not for their all white scheme or new livery but rather a small hump on the rear crown of the fuselage that Virgin will not comment on what it is, such as a radome for connectivity to use mobile phones or Internet in-flight. See this […]

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Dash 8

Photo: Virgin Australia ATR breaks cover

Update: The above photo, by AirSpace photographer Commercial Aviation, has been added.Virgin Australia’s first ATR72-500 turboprop, operated by Skywest, has been snapped on spotting website Skyliner bearing French test registration F-WWEH. The photo is here.The ATR is the first of up to 18 -500 and -600 variants the Western Australia carrier will operate for Virgin […]

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China Eastern QF Kingfisher.jpg

Qantas’s subtle response to Virgin-Singapore deal

In Qantas’s statement on the ACCC granting interim approval for the carrier’s joint business agreement with American Airlines (so much for taking a close look) is a poke at the Virgin Australia-Singapore Airlines alliance announced this week.In that deal Virgin Australia chief executive John Borghetti highlighted the significance of gaining access to China and India: […]

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