The consistent use of typography will help preserve a uniform look for Flightglobal literature and reinforces the identity.

If you use a font for which you do not have a licence; supply one to another user; or buy a typeface and then use it on more workstations and printers than the licence allows, then you are likely to be breaking the law and copyright law. A font licence agreement is a legally binding contract. If you make a copy of a font you lay you and your organisation open to severe penalties and criminal proceedings.

Fonts are available on-line from a variety of sources

A Sari regular
This font is used for logo wordmark and descriptors. This font is used in the creation of new sector logos, ie. Flightglobal products, Flightglobal events.

This font is also available in medium and bold to be used for headings, sub-headings and highlighting text.

B Congress light
This font is used for body copy on Flight advertising material. You may also use Congress Regular.

C Congress bold
This font is used for body copy where more emphasis is needed.

D Arial
This font is used for all E-stationery,  online advertising and Powerpoint presentations.


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