Welcome to the Flightglobal brand

These Flightglobal guidelines have been compiled to give all users comprehensive rules for the application of Flightglobal branding for all media. The Flightglobal brand has been developed following a programme of international customer feedback and in-depth competitor analysis, so, it is imperative to maintain a consistent brand message in all marketing communications.

A Brand is the foundation upon which a successful business is built. Therefore every piece of Flightglobal communication should reinforce the brand look and feel to build a strong and consistent worldwide brand.

What exactly is a brand?

A brand isn’t a logo, a colour, a typeface or an advert. It’s all these things and more. The Flightglobal brand is composed of all the different experiences people have with us, be it a brochure, a letter, a phone call, reception lobby or face-to-face meeting. At its heart must be a clear positioning, the template against we measure everything we do.

Why is a brand so important?

It demonstrates what’s special about us and why customers should choose us rather than one of our competitors. Used correctly, our visual and verbal identities are the symbols of what we stand for and, as such, help us be more efficient, attractive and competitive. As we grow to become an increasingly global business, it is evermore important to apply them clearly and consistently.

Why do guidelines matter?

A brand is like a person; if it doesn’t behave consistently, we don’t believe it. It’s the same for a brand. To build recognition, trust and loyalty, we must project a consistent image. Flightglobal has many people talking to many audiences in many places. These guidelines ensure that wherever we are and whoever we’re talking to, it will always be clear for our customers to identify the linkage with Flightglobal.


All the items in this guide can be downloaded in both Mac and PC format in either high or low resolution.

Approval Process

Call Kerry Clayton on +44 (0)20 8652 3487 or Alexis Rendell on +44 (0)20 8652 8127 for more information.

Briefing Local Agencies

If you are using a local agency that has not been exposed to the Flightglobal brand it is essential to brief them fully on the contents of these guidelines. In particular they must be crystal clear on the usage of the logo and fonts and have a strong appreciation of the brand look and feel.

The contents of these brand guidelines are all copyright of Flightglobal and Reed Business and its marketing agents. No part of these guidelines can be produced in any form without the permission of Reed Business.


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