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Korea Aerospace Industries 802, Yucheon-ri, Sanam-myeon, Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do,
Seoul, 100-737, South Korea
Tel: +82 55 851 1000
Fax: +82 55 851 1004

Korea Aerospace Industries

Korean Aerospace Industries is the result of a government plan to consolidate the South Korean national aerospace industry and has taken over most of the sites, programmes and other aerospace assets of the Hyundai, Daewoo and Samsung combines.

Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) was created from the merger of the aerospace divisions of conglomerates Daewoo Heavy Industries, Hyundai Space & Aircraft and Samsung Aerospace. Each company put in around 100 billion won, while the Korean Government supplied an additional 200 billion won.

KAI was formally established in September 1999 and has been negotiating with BAE Systems and Boeing over a possible 35% stake in the enterprise.

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