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M7 Aerospace LP 10823 NE Entrance Road,
San Antonio, Texas, TX 78216, United States
Tel: +1 210 824 9421

M7 Aerospace LP

M7 acquired the assets of Fairchild Aircraft and Dornier Aviation (North America). As the holder of the type certificate for the Metro and Merlin series, it is a supplier of parts for the Fairchild Metro and Merlin series aircraft. M7 also supports other aircraft such as the Dornier 328. M7's repair station at the San Antonio International Airport provides MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services for Fairchild Merlin and Metro series airplanes, the Dornier 328 line of turboprops and jets, and Embraer ERJ-135 and 145 regional jets.

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