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Cessna Aircraft Company One Cessna Blvd,
Wichita, Kansas, 67315, United States
Tel: +1 316 517 6000
Fax: +1 316 517 5669

Cessna Aircraft Company

The Cessna Aircraft Company is a manufacturer of single and twin engined as well as the Citation series business jet aircraft.

Cessna's history began in 1911, when Clyde Cessna taught himself to fly. Joining with Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearmen, in 1925 Clyde Cessna helped form the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. Two years later, he left to concentrate his manufacturing efforts on full-cantilever monoplane designs. Following limited production Cessna won contracts for production of the T-50 "Bobcat". By the time production was halted in 1944, more than 5,000 had been built. Following the war, Cessna entered the private aircraft industry with a series of single and twin-engine aeroplanes. In 1968, the Cessna Fanjet 500 project was launched, and led to the first flight of the Cessna 500 Citation jet the following year. July 4, 1996 marked Cessna's re-entry into single-engine piston manufacturing with the opening of a new production facility in Independence, Kansas.

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