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Raytheon Aircraft Company c/o Hawker Beechcraft, PO Box 85,
Wichita, Kansas, 67301, United States
Tel: +1 316 676 5034
Fax: +1 316 676 6614

Raytheon Aircraft Company

Raytheon Aircraft manufactures, markets and supports Hawker medium jets and Beech light jet, jetprop and piston-powered aircraft for the world's business, military and regional airline markets.

The Raytheon (then Beech) company built military training aircraft during World War II.

In the post-war era Beech became a leader in business aviation.

The Hawker Engineering Company built many significant aircraft, including the Hawker Hurricane fighter, and the Hawker Harrier jump jet.

In 1960 the Hawker Siddeley company acquired the de Havilland Aircraft Company, which was just completing work on a new mid-size business jet. It was introduced as the Hawker-Siddeley 125, which became known simply as the Hawker.

Raytheon acquired the Hawker business jets division from British Aerospace in 1993. .

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