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Bombardier Aerospace 400 Chemin de la Cote-Vertu West,
Dorval, Quebec, H4S 1Y9, Canada
Tel: +1 514 855 5000
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Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace combined the resources of four aircraft manufacturers - Canadair and de Havilland in Canada, Learjet in the United States and Shorts in the United Kingdom. The group designs, manufactures, markets and supports aerospace products and services. The company is the world's third largest aerospace company behind Boeing and Airbus. Bombardier manufactures a diverse portfolio of business, regional, and amphibious aircraft and is developing the yet to be launched all new C-Series for a targeted entry into service in 2013. The business aircraft product line-up starts with the Lear Jet 40 light jet, and is completed by the long-range Global Express XRS. A complete family of twin-engined airliners comprises the Q-Series regional turboprops and the new Next Gen family of CRJ regional jets, while the all new C-Series, currently under development, aims to provide customers with a more economical, flexible and passenger-oriented airliner in the lower end of the 100- to 149-seat airliner market. The aircraft portfolio is completed by the model 415 amphibious waterbomber, which can be configured for a wide range of multi-mission capabilities including search and rescue, maritime patrol, law enforcement and environmental control. The company also offers a range of services including the Flexjet and Skyjet fractional ownership schemes, jet cards and on-demand charter for business jet travellers in North America, bloc hour and ad-hoc charter services in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East. The Aircraft Services division also offer aircraft parts, maintenance and training support, including Military Aviation Training (MAT) in collaboration with a team of sub contractors, to deliver integrated training solutions for customers including NATO and the Canadian Armed Forces. Regional aircraft and business jets account for approximately 75 per cent of its revenues with amphibious aircraft, airframe components and nacelles accounting for the remaining 25 per cent.

Bombardier Inc.'s participation in aerospace began with the corporation's acquisition of Canadair Limited in December 1986.
Bombardier's second aerospace acquisition came in October 1989 and involved Short Brothers (PLC) of Belfast, Northern Ireland
Learjet of Wichita, Kansas, formally joined the Bombardier aerospace family in mid-June 1990.
de Havilland Canada became Bombardier's most recent aerospace acquisition in March 1992 when Bombardier acquired 51 per cent of the company's shares from the Boeing Aircraft Co. Bombardier became sole owner of de Havilland in January 1997. In May 1995 Bombardier sets up a joint venture with AMR Combs, which operates in the fractional ownership market for business aviation. In December 1997 bombardier becomes the full owner, the project is renamed Flexjet. Belfast City Airport, part of the Shorts Brothers legacy, is sold to Spanish company Ferrovial in May 2003, and in 2003 Bombardier Capital is sold to GE.

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