Front cover competition 2012

Winner - Into the storm

Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16

This Royal Netherlands Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 Falcon was captured in action at the UK's Waddington air show in July Keith Campbell (AKA Sunshine Band)
ZK308/BW at sunset

Eurofighter Typhoon

“I took this on 29 November at RAF Coningsby. The only time I visit Coningsby is in the winter on bright sunny days, as it provides great light. You also get no heat haze from the concrete, but the engine heat is captured in great detail. As the sun was setting, two Eurofighter Typhoons arrived. The first was a little high, but the second allowed me to get the shot I was after,” recalls Monk Duncan Monk
AVRO Vulcan B2 XH558

AVRO Vulcan

This image was taken at Coventry airport on 29 September. The bomber was being taken on a UK tour to mark the 60th anniversary of the type’s first flight. Flypasts were conducted at airfields near businesses that had contributed to the Vulcan fleet during its years of Royal Air Force service. Martin Needham
Golden hour

English Electric Lightening F6

“The image of an English Electric Lightning F6 was captured on 10 November during the Lightning Preservation Group’s “twilight run” at Bruntingthorpe airfield. “EE Lightning F6 XS904 was sat in her QRA [quick reaction alert] shed before her run, and as the Sun set over the airfield, the aircraft was bathed in a fantastic golden light,” recalls Ewan. Jamie Ewan
RAF Boeing Chinook HC3 ZH899

RAF Boeing Chinook HC3 ZH899

This head-on shot of a UK Royal Air Force Chinook from 18 Sqn was taken on 26 June atop the Downs above Eastbourne. The rotorcraft was being set down to lift the top part of a Bomber Command Tribute memorial stone to its position on Beachy Head’s Peace Path. As a whole, the stone weighs nearly 6t. Martin Dhighton (AKA Flyer1)
British Airways 777-236ER

British Airways 777-236ER

This jet had just taken off from runway 27L at Heathrow airport at what the photographer calls the “magic hour!” Frank Gollner (AKA Hounddogone)
Popping flares

Popping flares

Belgium’s Sanicole air show in September yielded this stunning shot of an F-16 from the national air force flying amid flares. “This display took place at the end of the show, when the famous blue hour came to an end,” writes Muller Dennis Muller
RAF Red Arrows British Aerospace Hawk T1A XX319

RAF Red Arrows British Aerospace Hawk T1A XX319

This shot was snapped during a display by the UK Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows team, in changeable weather, at September’s Duxford air show. This BAE Systems Hawk T1 was travelling at speed to regroup Martin Dhighton (AKA Flyer1)
A400M at RIAT


This Airbus A400M transport was caught in action during July’s Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford, UK. “The weather wasn’t great,” recalls Monk. “As this beast took to the air to depart, there was the briefest moment of Sun on her back which, with the dark background, turned a fairly ordinary photo into a very atmospheric photo”. Duncan Monk
Boeing C-17 Globemaster

C-17 Globemaster

This moody shot is another from RIAT. “I was in the south of England completing training for a CPL and MEIR, and went to the air show to try and relax before my exam,” says MacFarlane Calum Macfarlane (AKA 1-2-3 Calum)

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