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Blom, who won the Boeing Engineering Student of the Year Award in 2008, received her PhD in aerospace engineering from Delft University of Technology in 2010. During her PhD she worked for Fokker Aerostructures, and stayed on after she graduated, working in the research and development department, mainly focusing on thermoplastic composites. She is a member of the technical advisory board of the TPRC (ThermoPlastic Research Center), which is a joint research initiative between Fokker, Boeing, Ten Cate and University of Twente. She also worked on the TAPAS project (Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structures).


Agnes Blom


Blom is currently “between jobs, enjoying three months of vacation before I start my new job with Boeing in Everett working in the product development, advanced structures technology department, hopefully continuing my PhD work.” She says of the award: “It has given me a lot of visibility, both within the Boeing community and outside. I have had many job opportunities, although I have never had a job interview. I always enjoy my work a lot and I look forward to working at Boeing in Seattle.”


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