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Bayram, a graduate student at the Center for Quantum Devices at Northwestern University in Ilinois, shared the 2009 award with Michael Grant after his work developing semiconductor-based energy-efficient high performance optoelectronic device technologies impressed the judges.

Originally from Turkey, Bayram came to Northwestern after graduating with a batchelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, and chose the centre because of the reputation of its director, Manijeh Razeghi, “a world-leading authority” in that field, he says.


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His PhD work, he says, advanced the performance and durability of key components (including ultraviolet photodiodes and visible light emitting diodes) used in aeronautics and astronautics.

Bayram now works as a research scientist at IBM TJ Watson Research Centre at Yorktown Heights, New York. The Boeing award, he says, “has brought world-wide exposure to my work and enabled broadening my vision. After the Boeing award, I have established strong collaborations including those with Boeing, Dow Chemical, and IBM extending my contributions into terahertz wavelength technologies.”

He adds: “When I look back, I clearly see that Boeing award played a major role in my continuing success to date. Thanks to the interdisciplinary and multi-national nature of Boeing, I recommend all my colleagues – contributing to aerospace technologies – apply for this most distinguished award. Now is the most important time to do so; Boeing recognises your accomplishments of yesterday, for you to achieve more tomorrow.”


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