Engineering Student Of The Year

Could you be the 2012 Engineering Student of the Year?

The Boeing Company, in association with Flightglobal, is proud to sponsor the Engineering Student of the Year Award, which recognises the outstanding talent of tomorrow – both at graduate and undergraduate level.

The Boeing Engineering Student of the Year Award is the world’s leading competition to recognise students whose work shows the greatest promise, aptitude and dedication in the field of aeronautical or space technology.

Now in its seventh year, the award will be presented at the Flightglobal Achievement Awards at the Farnborough air show on 10 July 2012.

Who can enter?

For the first time this year, as well as the overall award, a special prize will be given to the best undergraduate submission, giving global recognition to those working on their first degree.

Undergraduate award - open to all students still working for their first degree in chosen specialism.

Postgraduate award - open to all postgraduates and those working towards further research qualifications.

Remember, this competition is open to any engineering student currently enrolled in a programme leading to a recognised academic degree such as BSc, MSc. or PhD.

Important Announcement to All Boeing Engineering Student of the Year Award applicants:

Please send in your application with all supporting documents to Flightglobal early. Due to the increasingly high volume of applicants applying, we require up to three weeks processing time.

  • Students can enter themselves, or a professor may nominate on behalf of a student
  • All applications are submitted via email

Email entries should include the following:

  • Student’s full legal name as it appears on passport
  • Student’s contact details: mailing address, email address and telephone number
  • A 500-word summary

Supporting materials, which could include:

  • Resume/CV
  • New patents or documented applications that have been adopted by industry
  • Published papers or research that has won recognition from academic, professional or industrial associations.
  • If nominated by faculty, then we also require the professor’s full name and contact details.

Application deadline is 21 May, 2012.


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