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The USA may be the world's only superpower and China and the rest of Asia its emerging economic engine - but between them the Gulf is establishing itself very much as the centre of the world, at least when it comes to linking the continents by air.


The Dubai air show is firmly positioned as one of the big four aviation events with this exclusive area providing you with all the build-up to the show, plus analysis and our order tracker during the event itself.


Take an in-depth look at some of the show's key programmes and themes:

Strata emerges as a serious player

Mubadala-owned aerostructures manufacturer Strata believes it has proved the sceptics wrong with its recent contract successes.

Terminal velocity

As the Gulf carriers expand their fleets, so too their home airports are investing in infrastructure to meet passenger growth.

Strategic lift for Gulf

The Gulf nations have been investing in military transport as they extend their influence. Dubai could see new deals.

Bigger but leaner too

In a competitive MRO market, Abu Dhabi's ADAT has invested in infrastructure and trimmed costs to stay ahead of rivals.

Hey, big spenders

The Gulf's big three have continued to grow since the last air show - and they could be ready to splash the cash again.

Low-cost, high-impact

Competing carriers Flydubai and Air Arabia are now adopting new business practices as they battle to expand their networks.

Fighting for new orders

With more than 500 strike aircraft in use and multiple procurements planned, the GCC members are a powerful lure for manufacturers.

777X vs A350

A formal response by Boeing to the A350-1000 is now overdue, with Airbus exploiting the gap to build momentum in the market.

Dubai Airshow preview

Dubai's air show - firmly established as on of the big four aviation events - has a new home and a new optimism about it.

Gulf Carriers' image undergoes makeover

Once their biggest bugbears, legacy airlines are now embracing the Gulf’s mega-carriers. But some of these new world operators have local difficulties of their own to resolve.

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