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We take an in-depth look at some of the industry's key programmes and themes.

Theory of evolution

As Darwin Airline joins Etihad's equity partnership network, the Middle East carriers is looking to develop a new business model for the regional market.

Will CSeries fly-by-wire delay programme again?

Bombardier is confident that it will see more orders for its new airliner following first flight, but how many of those orders are likely to come from Asia?

MH370's implications for the aviation industry

The unique set of circumstances surrounding the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has numerous implications for aviation, and will impact defence as much as commercial air transport.

Keeping the peace

Short of cash but fortunately long on regional stability, air forces in South America are weighing up needs and options in anticipation of a wave of fighter fleet renewal.


Powering Typhoon's evolution

After a decade in service, the Eurofighter Typhoon is now building its multirole capabilities for the future, with a series of weapon enhancements under way.

Missing 777 to compound MAS's woes

There is never a good time for an aircraft to disappear, but the mysterious case of the missing Boeing 777-200 could not have come at a worse moment for Malaysia Airlines.

Best of stealth

Acquiring the F-35 has been a decade-plus fight for the Royal Netherlands Air Force, but with a first pilot having flown the type, Dutch persistence is finally being rewarded.

Can R-R find a way back into narrowbodies?

Two years after walking out on its partners in IAE, the UK engine manufacturer insists it has not abandoned narrowbodies.

Hybrid ambitions get heavy

Government grant gives a lift to weighty UK project to develop lighter-than-air transport capable of carrying 50t.

Lufthansa premium economy seat to debut on 747-8s

Lufthansa has opted to introduce its new premium economy product on its Boeing 747-8s, so as not to disrupt the schedule for its Airbus A380s being retrofitted with new fully flat business-class seats.


Europe's big ATM project is bold, if ponderous - but when the redical reforms are brought to force, the skies will never be the same again.

Are Qantas's cash cows drying up?

Qantas’s massive first-half loss has exposed weaknesses in its traditionally strong domestic and low-cost businesses, particularly in light of major competition. Yet chief executive Alan Joyce maintains that the Australian carrier is still following the right strategy, and he is the man to lead it into the future.

ILFC sale marks the end of an era

While it might be overly dramatic to talk about the fall of the mighty, there is one fact – apart from its imminent takeover by a much smaller rival – that says an era has ended for ILFC.

Airbus hails 'mature' A350

In-development big twin remains on course for third-quarter certification as pace of flight tests continues to accelerate.

Commercial engines

While modern design and technologies beat the open-rotor noise problem, Rolls-Royce likes the look of composites and MTU sees its future in the PW1000G.

Simple seating to spur A380

Leasing firm Amedeo confident that simplified, high-density configurations would widen superjumbo's customer base.

Civil helicopters - special report

As the rotorcraft industry prepares to gather for Heli-Expo 2014 in Anaheim, California, all four major Western manufacturers hope to exploit newfound momentum as they square off with revitalised product ranges in a bid to capture growing markets across medium, super-medium and heavy weight classes.

Big two clash

Airbus lauds the simplicity of its approach to the 200-400 seat sector, while Boeing points to its products' sales success.

Training guide

Find the best centres of learning in our training and development guide. Containign a directory of providers as well as feaures on UK airline cadet schemes and why the traioning industry is worried about deteriorating pilot skills.

Dream building

A private firm has revived Indonesia's ambition of developing a turboprop passenger aircraft, after a previous state-led programme collapsed more than 15 years ago.

Question of power

With a new wave of narrowbody jets inbound to Asia-Pacific's rapidly expanding airlines, engine manufacturers are manoeuvring to bag the biggest deals.

Terminal tussle

Singapore's Changi airport is preparing for considerable explansion as it moves to secure its spot as Southeast Asia's premier air transit hub - but a regional turf was is brewing.

Routes to success

Prospects are growing for regional aircraft in Asia as airlines develop lower-density, hub and spoke services - which airframer will end up dominant?.

Black gold

Southeast Asia's offshore transportation business is a fertile market for rotorcraft manufacturers.

Always ready for a fight

The Singapore Airshow will give a unique perspective on the types of capabilities the tiny nation's powerful air force is looking to develop.

The next wave

With new jet deliveries soaring following Southeast Asian airlines' recent spending spree, orders have slowed - but more sales opportunities are already on the horizon.

Rerouting Ryanair

After early signs of a more customer-friendly attitude, the Irish budget carrier has now declared it is ‘changing’ as it targets higher yielding passenger traffic and works to eradicate a reputation for not caring

IN FOCUS: Israel special

To say Israel punches above its weight in the global market is a cliche but no less true. Surrounded by hostile neighbours, the state has had to develop world-beating technology, an impressive industrial base and an self-sufficient, entrepreneurial culture. But Israeli industry faces challenges with declining defence budgets and pressure for consolidation. Stephen Trimble spent a week in the country to assess the strength of the sector.

ATR resurgent as Bombardier problems mount

Growing demand from lessors is helping Franco-Italian airframer beat Canadian rival in turboprop orders and deliveries race.


Accident numbers were up in 2013, but fatalities fell to a new low as the improved survivability engineered into modern hull designs brought casualty figures down.


Which airlines might order aircraft in 2014?

In ordering some 2,850 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing in 2013, airlines took decisive steps toward settling their fleet renewal plans.

Airbus wrestles with 250-seat strategy

Airbus considers enhancing the A350-800 to combat the Boeing 787-9 but appears to be resisting any temptation to re-engine the popular A330.

Spotlight back on 787 batteries

A year after battery problems first struck Boeing’s Dreamliner, the news of a lithium ion battery malfunction on a Japan Airlines 787 puts the issue back under scrutiny.

Beechcraft's sound footing

$1.4 billion buyout by Cessna parent offers venerable manufacturer stability after decade-long period of uncertainty.

Disunited nations

Establishing a global concensus on regulating airline greenhouse gas emissions remains elusive.

Wait and see

Market opportunities abound for Bombardier’s CSeries, but much depends on the new airliner’s performance during its ongoing flight-test campaign.


Manufacturing consent

In striking a deal with the IAM union on 777X production, Boeing has added momentum to its broad campaign to cut costs and boost productivity.


Cathay’s balancing act

The Hong Kong carrier’s order for 21 Boeing 777-9Xs suggests it is content to keep the status quo of its fleet composition.

European carriers hunt for investors

The continent's airlines continued to consolidate in 2013, with Etihad and IAG leading the way in acquisitions. But what transactions might 2014 hold in store?

2014 Forecasts

Our annual start-the-year look ahead tackles big issues: Which programmes will be up, which ones down, and who will surprise the industry.


With a fond look at what could have been, we recall 11 aircraft that should have flown high but never took off.

When will we drop the pilot?

With flightdeck systems taking on more flightcrew duties, it may soon be feasible for autonomous or ground-controlled airliners to take to the skies.

The heat is on

P&W raises temperature as it accelerates growth strategy for F135.

Can Airbus and R-R kick-start A340 revival?

Plans for high-density variant and reduced engine costs may not convince market.

Memories of a MAD world

​A disused Cold War US air base stands frozen in time, harking back to that 20th century era of mutually assured destruction.

IN FOCUS: World air forces 2014 »

US budget cuts and Middle Eastern conflict hurt air force fleet growth, but Asia, the Americans and Russia show net gains, with the F-35 taking the limelight in 2013.

Wide gaps in Asia-Pacific

Successes with the A350 have helped Airbus steal a march on its major rival in a fast-growing margin.

World Airliners - Regionals

ATR, Bombardier and Embraer remain the biggest airframers in the regional segment, but new competitors from China, Japan, and Russia are developing aircraft that will alter the competitive landscape in future.


Gulf carriers shape 777X success

Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways combine at show to give Boeing the biggest combined launch deal in aviation history.

Avionics: The quest to lower decision altitudes

Honeywell believes its latest synthetic vision system could drastically lower the altitude at which pilots have to commit to putting the aircraft onto the ground.

World Airliners - Mainliners

As aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus continue their fierce tussle for supremacy in the widebody segment, Bombardier, Comac, and Irkut want to capture a slice of demand for single-aisle airliners with new products.

Simulator Census: A virtual world of cockpits

Who supports most military training devices, what types are most common and where are they? Our new Military Simulator Census reveals the shape of the market.

IN FOCUS: Military simulators

As military budgets continue to face severe cutbacks, cash-strapped nations are increasingly turning to simulators to get helicopter pilots ready for action.

Dubai special: Strata emerges as a serious player

Mubadala-owned aerostructures manufacturer Strata believes it has proved the sceptics wrong with its recent contract successes.

Dubai special: Terminal velocity

As the Gulf carriers expand their fleets, so too their home airports are investing in infrastructure to meet passenger growth.

Dubai special: Strategic lift for Gulf

The Gulf nations have been investing in military transport as they extend their influence. Dubai could see new deals.

Dubai special: Bigger but leaner too

In a competitive MRO market, Abu Dhabi's ADAT has invested in infrastructure and trimmed costs to stay ahead of rivals.

Dubai special: Hey, big spenders

The Gulf's big three have continued to grow since the last air show - and they could be ready to splash the cash again.

Dubai special: Low-cost, high-impact

Competing carriers Flydubai and Air Arabia are now adopting new business practices as they battle to expand their networks.

Dubai special: Fighting for new orders

With more than 500 strike aircraft in use and multiple procurements planned, the GCC members are a powerful lure for manufacturers.

Dubai special: 777X vs A350

A formal response by Boeing to the A350-1000 is now overdue, with Airbus exploiting the gap to build momentum in the market.

Dubai Airshow preview

Dubai's air show - firmly established as on of the big four aviation events - has a new home and a new optimism about it.

Gulf Carriers' image undergoes makeover

Once their biggest bugbears, legacy airlines are now embracing the Gulf’s mega-carriers. But some of these new world operators have local difficulties of their own to resolve.

Italy special

For our annual focus on Italy, we have spoken to three of Finmeccanica's main units, as well as to the chief executive of the country's aerospace champion itself. We assess how the acquisition of the Lockheed Martin F-35 will impact Italian industry .

Military engines special

Rolls-Royce is preparing to roll out the fifth major upgrade of its 60-year-old turboprop powerplant, promising fuel savings of around 8%, but customers are still to commit.

FLIGHT TEST: Learjet 75

The Learjet 75 may be a rework of the established Learjet 45, but a host of new features give the type an all-new feel. We put the improvements to the test.

Korea special report

A populous and prosperous industrialised nation in one of the most volatile regions of the world, South Korea remains a crucial ally of the West and one of its most important defence markets.

Dassault's next big thing

Latest and largest Falcon brings leading-edge technologies to long-range large-cabin segment.

Concorde special

Ten years after the end of the Concorde, will we ever experience supersonic air travel again?

Flight test: Gulfstream G280

With the impressive G280, the General Dynamics subsidiary has firmly put its stamp on a design orignally acquired from IAI, as a flight test of the super-midsize business jet reveals.

Business Aviation Special

After five turbulent years for business aviation in its US heartland, will this year’s NBAA in Las Vegas welcome an industry starting to cash in on economic recovery?

A turn in a safer direction

Safety experts hope a 2012 rise in business aircraft fatal accident numbers in the face of a downward long-term trend may prove to have been a blip.

Legacy 500 technical description and cutaway

When the Legacy 500 arrives in operational service next year, Embraer’s decade-long conquest of a large share of the business jet market will be almost complete.


Comac starts research on widebody project

China has upscaled its planned new widebody type, and earmarked a potential partner nation to help get the project into production.

RAF bids farewell to 'Queen of the Skies'

More than half a century after its flight debut as a civil airliner, the Vickers VC10 has reached the end of its life, with the Royal Air Force having retired its last tankers.

Taking the stealthy F-22 into the future with a host of upgrades

As the US Air Force tests F-22 updates promising greater combat capabikities and improved safety for the stealthy fifth-generation fighter, its main regret is that the fleet is not larger.

Engines special report

As CFM, GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce ready their next-generation powerplants, we assess the market and technical strengths of the key rivals.

MRO special report

Increasing competition from overseas means Europe's maintenance providers are having to look beyond their traditional specialisms. Ahead of MRO Europe, we look at some of the key issues and challengers facing the region's aftermarket support sector.

Can the CSeries crack the Asian market?

Bombardier is confident that it will see more orders for its new airliner following first flight, but how many of those orders are likely to come from Asia?

Flightglobal Top 100 aerospace companies

Our top 100 analysis of aerospace industry 2012 financial performance sees no change in the top 10, but a number of new names- from China and Russia, and from acquisition-driven reshuffling that may herald shifts to come.

Lufthansa makes widebody move

Airbus won one battle and Boeing another as Lufthansa split its hotly anticipated order for long-haul jets. And the deals complex structure means the German flag carrier can adapt to different growth scenarios.

How the CSeries fared in the air

Bombardier’s chief test pilot delivered a reassuring verdict on its new airliner’s performance after the first flight, from Montreal-Mirabel, on 16 September.

Capacity for change

Air cargo has traditionally been a faster growth business than the passenger sector. But this now moribund market is struggling to absorb the surge in belly space entering service, which is hvaing serious implications for full freighters.

Time to get real

Despite EASA and others extolling the virtues of simulator training, many operators overlook the option - but before too long they may be compelled to sign up.

CSeries maiden flight

After months of delays and build-up, Bombardier’s first CSeries flight test vehicle has finally lifted off, departing runway 06 around 09:55 on a cool morning at Montreal's Mirabel airport.

Troubled waters

Calls for an independent review of UK North Sea helicopter operations have grown more strident, despite CAA claims that fatalities remain low.

Making a big impact

With composite materials becoming more commonplace in aircraft manufacturing, NASA is setting out to test survivability - by 'crashing' a Chinook.

Manufacturers move forward with new helicopters

Four of the big five rotorcraft manufacturers are working on new types, with super-medium designs leading the way amid a burgeoning market for larger airframes.

Clearing the air

As the debate rages on how to tackle airline industry emissions, experts at ICAO are endeavouring to come up with a global solution - but the clock is ticking.

IN FOCUS: Alternative Medicine

With fuel costs climbing, carriers are looking to substitute sources of energy - but the technology to power tomorrow's airliners still has a long way to go.

Electric avenues: three potential solutions to green taxiing for aircraft

With an attractive estimated 4% fuel saving per flight on offer, cost-conscious airlines are weighing up the three main competing options for high-tech taxi systems

Changing partners

An increasing taste for mergers and joint ventures, both inside and outside the major groupings, continues to see the evolution of the alliance worlds.

How the UK is getting ready for the F-35

The UK's involvement in the Joint Strike Fighter's development has enabled its services to prepare the ground for their future STOVL F-35B fleets.

New wave for IFE&C

As service providers seek to differentiate their technology offerings that aim to streamline connectivity on board, airlines can look forward to potential operational savings.

Kfirs comeback

Almost fifty years after its original development and soon after an eye-catching performance by Colombia's upgraded fleet, Israel's newest version of its Kfir fighter is on its way.


MRJ delay eats into first-mover advantage

Slips in the schedule have led industry watchers to voice scepticism on the regional jet’s commercial potential, as its timing advantage over Embraer’s upgraded E-Jets has narrowed.

IN FOCUS: A new era for cabin connectivity

Ka-band connectivity offers greater bandwidth to aircraft with a shorter range, but will it prove to be economically competitive for in-flight entertainment?


North Atlantic joint ventures continue to evolve

Delta’s tie-up with Virgin Atlantic is transformative on two fronts: it involves the first acquisition by a US carrier of an equity interest in a European counterpart, and ushers in a pioneering metal-neutral immunised alliance.

NTSB defends handling of crashes

US investigators have hit back at pilot-union criticism in the wake of the Asiana 777 accident in San Francisco – and insist that their policies on releasing information have not changed.

DOJ challenge of US-AMR merger shocks industry

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has challenged the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways on antitrust grounds in court, in a move that took many airline industry followers by surprise.

MAKS: Russia hosts platform to assess state of the industry

Although doubts persist about some parts of its industry, Moscow's MAKS air show will allow Russia to demonstrate the fact that it remains very much an aerospace powerhouse.

Relaunch required

Although recent rocket failures have highlighted quality control issues, Moscow is still a spaceflight superpower.

LABACE: Business as usual

Latin America remains a beacon of light for the corporate jet industry, delivering solid annual growth. But on the eve of  LABACE, some countries appear to be faltering.

Crisis management lessons from the Asiana crash

The crash of an Asiana aircraft in San Francisco in July provides a number of lessons in social media crisis management for airline marketing departments according to social media consultant Shashank Nigam.

IN FOCUS: Growing bigger slowly

The global in-service fleet of A380s has inched upwards, but output of high-capacity aircraft at both Airbus and Boeing has been limited while sales of fuel-efficient twinjets continued to rise.

IN FOCUS: AAI primes M2 for Shadow's second act

The maker of the RQ-7A Shadow is aiming for international buyers to maintain its pipeline via the latest version, the M2.

Taiwan’s deterrence dilemma

Taiwan's once impressive defence capabilities are now very much in the shadow of China's growing airborne military might. A fighter upgrade programme may be the best republic can hope for.

How the risk of fire in airliners is increasing

New technologies and materials used in commercial aircraft have changed the risk profile – and almost certainly not for the better.

IN FOCUS: Aiming for acceptance

The UK has honed its unmanned systems skills in combat, but now must overcome the challenges of airspace and societal adoption.

IN FOCUS: Is there room for UAVs in civil airspace?

While UAVs have served with distinction in war, the path to acceptance in civil airspace is paved with difficulties.

IN FOCUS: How UAVs could counter area denial threat

A changing combat environment may mean many UAVs face a question of viability, as they take on an enemy who shoots back.

IN FOCUS: US Army all in on manned-unmanned teaming

The focus of UAV technology is turning towards interoperability between human and unmanned system intelligence.

At EADS, Airbus rules the roost

Europe’s aerospace champion may have given up its longstanding goal of revenue balance between civil airliners business and the rest of the group.

Liberalisation of global aviation is making slow progress

Beyond individual bilateral agreements, liberalising the skies is a painstakingly slow process encumbered by protectionism and self-interest.

Safety review: January-June 2013

Accident figures for the first half of 2013 look encouraging, but is this due to improved operational quality or just luck?

IN FOCUS: Asiana incident raises issue of pilots’ monitoring skills

In an era of ever-increasing automation, the NTSB says pilot culture must change to clarify what it means to operate a modern aircraft during all modes of flight.

OSHKOSH: General aviation special

In this general aviation special, we ask whether single-engined turboprop entrants Kestrel and Epic can make an impact in a slow-moving and crowded market, and check the status of the Eclipse EA550 very light jet programme.

IN FOCUS: Airlines keep hold on profits in 2012

Industry profitability remained roughly unchecked in 2012 despite the tough economic climate for many this year's Airline Business World Annual Rankings show.

Flight test: M2 equals CJ1-squared

While not the first business jet, the Cessna Citation and follow-on Citation 1 did much to make jet power available to a multitude of twin-piston and turboprop operators.

Engineering a big vision

The European Space Agency's Gaia star-tracker is one of the most sophisticated science spacecraft ever; achieving it stretched industry to the limits of innovation.

IN FOCUS: Asiana crash to reopen sensitive questions

Automation’s role and the culture of deference are among delicate subjects on which the San Francisco 777 accident will stir debate.

VIDEO: Emirates Air Line Aviation Experience

Gulf carrier Emirates has opened a new tourist attraction in the East of London with the airline’s president on hand to explain the reasons why.


Hybrid hopes

Newly published FAA airworthiness standards for transport category hybrid airships means this nascent technology is finally nearing take-off into civil airspace.


Providing evidence of success

Airlines and regulators are coming around slowly to the idea that pilot training needs to be about more than box-ticking and on hours-flown.


Taking control

Airbus will introduce the full-flight simulator earlier in its pilot training for the A350 as it seeks a competency-orientated training model underpinned by real world evidence.

Helios tail

Greek tragedy

Reverberations from the 2005 Helios Airways accident highlight the conflict between accident investigation and judiciary processes


GE bets big on composites

After decades of research, GE's ceramic matrix composite technology is set to come of age in the GE9X turbofan that will power the 777X


Boeing 737 Max is in it for the long haul

Boeing is confident that its less aggressive timeline and fuel-burn improvements for the 737 Max will even the score in its orders duel with the A320neo


IN FOCUS: France special report

We take a look at how France are utlising the EC725, NH90 and Tiger helicopers, plus we consider the current state of the Frence MRO market


IN FOCUS: CSeries cutaway and technical description

With the CSeries first flight on track after a six-month delay, how has Bombardier balanced innovation with proven technology to create a winning formula?


IN FOCUS: 747-8 has been queen of the skies during tough times

Despite slashing production and pushing an in-house alternative in the 777X, Boeing remains optimistic about the 747-8's future and is investing in upgrades.


IN FOCUS: China a step closer to commercial jet manufacturing

Comac faces a crucial period as it seeks to get the ARJ21 certified - an achievement that would boost its reputation and allow it to push on and focus on the C919.


IN FOCUS: Boeing has faith in X appeal

Despite fears that delaying its latest 777 variant has cost it orders, including to British Airways, Seattle is sticking with its widebody strategy.


IN FOCUS: Japan joins the aero club

Mitsubishi's MRJ marks a return to aircraft manufacturing in Japan, and the presence of Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofan engine will help it compete with regional jet rivals.


IN FOCUS: Playing catch-up

A fatal crash, technical hitches and the threat of bankruptcy loom over the Superjet, but Sukhoi is determined to ramp up production and meet deliveries.


IN FOCUS: How the F-35 programme is fighting back

After an often troubled development phase, Lockheed Martin says the $397 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme is close to delivering operational capability.


IN FOCUS: Getting to grips with the A400M

As Airbus Military prepares to deliver its first production example to the French air force, Flightglobal puts Europe's new airlift and refuelling asset through its paces.


IN FOCUS: Maturity in the making

As Airbus continues to describe the A350 programme as 'challenging', the success or otherwise of its development strategy will start to become evident in the next 12 months.


IN FOCUS: An orderly succession

By the half-way point of 2017, Airbus plans to be building more A320neos than the current model. But how equipped is the airframer for a smooth transition to the new variant?.


IN FOCUS: Rafale's starring role over Mali

The Dassault Rafale proved its capabilities during a wide range of operations as part of the French campaign this year against militant groups in Mali, northern Africa.


IN FOCUS: Boeing shakes off 787 battery, production system misfires

As the 787 programme gets back on track, Boeing can start to focus on the positives - and it has plenty of reasons to be confident about the airframe's future.


IN FOCUS: CSeries ready to fly

Following its latest delay, the Bombardier CSeries is on the verge of first flight - and investors appear to have confidence again in the airframer's product strategy.


IN FOCUS: BA A380 begins end of 747's reign

As its 747s start to bow out, BA's first major long-haul fleet change in over 15 years has raised the challenge of the A380 entering service in the same window as the 787.


P&W gears up for neo certification push

Pratt & Whitney kicked off the flight-test campaign for its PW1100G powerplant with its maiden sortie on 15 May as the manufacturer focuses on validating its performance.


ANALYSIS: Boeing’s 737 Max hitting stride ahead of Paris air show

A re-engining job was never Boeing's first choice to replace the third-generation of a 49-year-old single-aisle franchise, but the 737 Max seems to be hitting its stride nearly two years on from a reluctant launch party.


IN FOCUS: Eurocopter's new super-medium EC175 tested

Eurocopter has listened to customers and focused on safety for its super-medium EC175, set for certification later this year. Flight International takes it for a remarkably comfortable spin.


IN FOCUS: USAF weighs up post-F15E fighter options

As budgets continue to fall, for how long can the US Air Force rely on a combination of F-35s, Long Range Strike-Bombers and modified F-15Es to put off the need for a sixth-generation replacement fighter?


IN FOCUS: Selex ES strives for flexibility with Falco UAV 'evolution'

Selex's Air and Space Systems division inherited the Falco ISTAR system but says the latest configuration will be heavier, wider, longer and fly higher and further than before.

single sky

IN FOCUS: What is delaying the reform of European ATC?

Delays in implementing the Single European Sky have prompted airlines to call for a new push to speed the process..


IN FOCUS: Born to be wild

Flightglobal test pilot Peter Gray was given world-exclusive access to AgustaWestland’s multirole AW159 – and in doing so became the first civilian to fly the type.


IN FOCUS: Flightcrew contracts prompt job-loss fears

The appeal of contracting flightcrew has prompted tax controversy and fears that jobs will go to low-wage economies in the same way as the merchant marine.


IN FOCUS: Access all areas

Dassault claims the biggest appeal of the latest version of its Falcon 2000 is the type’s impressive short-runway performance, combined with generous cabin and range.


EBACE: New horizons for Europe's premier business aviation show

Europe's business aviation show EBACE has grown with the industry since its launch in 2001. But the past four years have been tough for the sector in its second-largest market..


EBACE: For the price, Nextant 400XT gets it right

The light jet market is a crowded space with entrants from almost every manufacturer, save traditional large cabin denizens Dassault and Gulfstream.


RAF Typhoons put through paces at Red Flag

A debut Red Flag appearance for the UK's Eurofighters enabled the Royal Air Force to prove its interoperability with USAF F-22s, and validate its tactical development.


SpaceShipTwo makes first powered flight

Space tourism venture completes 16s in-flight engine burn, bringing commercial suborbital flights this year a step closer.


Vertical lift could ease airport jams: Bertling

Outgoing Eurocopter chief believes the next generation of rotorcraft could help to solve lack of infrastructure growth.


Turkey special report- Telling tails

Turkey is emerging as a serious player in world aviation. Its thriving economy and location as a bridge between continents has helped flag carrier Turkish Airlines position itself as a global connector.

Boeing 787 battery fix to be largely resolved by mid-May

As Boeing works to fix the grounded Dreamliner fleet, its chief executive believes a straightforward fix and programme developments will quickly eclipse the type’s current problems.


IN FOCUS: Ending of an era for 50-seat CRJ

Revised scope clauses adopted by three North American airlines makes room for larger regional aircraft types in their fleets, leaving many CRJ200s looking for new homes.


IN FOCUS: Astrium engineers take a shot at space debris

How many satellite engineers spend their day shooting at things? Answer - two. And, it must be said, Simon Barraclough and Jaime Reed are having a good time doing it.


IN FOCUS: Sleeping Lion

Drastic action is needed following Indonesia's latest crash to ensure the country's abysmal safety record is improved - including, if necessary, suspending the right of airlines to operate.


SPECIAL REPORT: General aviation

Europe’s general aviation is a paradox. Industry lobbyists describe the market as ‘dire’ and lament the fact that with rising costs and red-tape, fewer are taking up flying. In this special we assess the health and some of the most exciting developments in European GA.


IN FOCUS: Cabin air quality back under the spotlight

Regular reports of heated oil fumes in cockpits and cabins has led one European government to press for common standards to deal with associated health risks.


IN FOCUS: Watching the clock

Selected in 2004, first flown in 2008 and now almost three years behind schedule, the British Army’s Watchkeeper unmanned air system is counting down to service entry.


Why would an airline choose to mix the Max and Neo?

Turkish Airlines' commitment to order 75 Boeing 737 Max aircraft brings to four the number of airlines that have plumped for both Max and Airbus A320neo aircraft.


Merging maintenance at American Airlines and US Airways

Having embarked on a merger due to complete in the thirs quarter, American and US must tackle the issue of how to join up maintenance operations.


RAF fuels change with Voyager

With the RAF's aged fleets of VC10 and TriStar tanker/transports to be retired, 2013 marks a crucial period for the AirTanker delivered Voyagers which are assuming their duties.

onboard IFEC

Aircraft interiors

We look at the new materials and designs manufacturers are using to save both weight and space.


International Space Station

We explore the project’s missions and technologies, and present a timeline of twists and turns in its history.


GE opens five-year development effort for 777X engine

100,000lb-thrust engine set to exclusively power the 777X.

Canada's mixed defence procurement record

During the past 10 years, Canada has embarked on a series of ambitious modernisation programmes for its military aircraft fleet.


Bombardier CSeries faces critical three months

The next three months running up to June's Paris air show, will answer a lot of questions about Bombardier's big programme.

Dassault Falcon

Dassault Falcon faces threat from the top end

For Dassault Aviation, bigger, faster rivals pose a graver threat than market malaise.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Airframers gear up for another LIMA

Malaysia is one of the Asia-Pacific's quieter aerospace defence markets, but industry players will flock to Langkawi next week to woo the nation's leaders.

Saab Gripen

Flying the flag for Sweden

The recent participation of Sweden's Gripens in a US-led combat exercise was its third in seven years, with feedback confirming the success of its efforts.

IAE 30th birthday

IAE celebrates 30th birthday

One of the aerospace industry’s longest-running joint ventures, International Aero Engines, turned 30 earlier in March. But despite the end of the current-generation A320 looming – the consortium is still looking to the future.

Sukhoi Superjet

Long range Superjet set for launch

Russian energy giant Gazprom's internal carrier, Gazpromavia, is to be the first recipient of the long-range Sukhoi Superjet 100LR, which has just started flight tests.

Airbus A320

Airbus A320 hits 25

It is 25 years since Airbus delivered the first A320 to launch customer Air France. Our special report looks at the best-seller that broke Boeing’s narrowbody dominance.

Introduction issues see airlines turn to tested aircraft

Introducing aircraft into a fleet is a complex affair, leading many airlines to take delivery of new types later in their production lives

pilots with iPads

i captain

With crews having access to devices such as the iPad during all phases of flight, airlines are targeting fresh functionalities from a new breed of electronic flight bags.

EADS defence strategy hangs in the balance

For several years now, EADS's corporate strategy has been guided by a vision - of reducing its reliance on its dominant Airbus commercial airliners division.

Helicopters special report

In our helicopters special report, we subject Sikorsky's S-92 to a flight test and look at Bell's latest offering - the 525 relentless.

American and US Airways, from the beginning

Here we trace the two carriers’ respective steps.


A400M to meet requirements ‘from day one’: Airbus Military

Airbus Military says its first production A400M will meet performance and payload requirements for the French air force.

ANALYSIS CFM's Leap of faith - Engine special

CFM's A320neo engine has the upper hand on P&W's rival offering, but with 34% of orders yet to be assigned, the battle remains fierce.


Airbus looks to replace Beluga

Airbus has tentatively identified an A330-200 derivative as the most promising long-term candidate to replace its five A300-600ST Beluga oversize transports.

American Eagle E-Jet

Embraer pins strategy on E-Jet revamp

Brazilian airframer clarifies near-term proposal for aircraft improvements anticipating rush of orders for regional jets.

Qaher 313

ANALYSIS: Qaher 313 Fighter Jet

US defence experts consulted by Flightglobal are united in their opinion that Iran’s newly unveiled Qaher 313 “stealth fighter” is merely a mock-up designed for domestic propaganda purposes, rather than a flying prototype as claimed by Tehran.

Ariane V launch

Europe's space ambitions

Boosted budgets come with raised expectations for the European Space Agency, which is touting economic benefits arising from its busy schedule of missions.

damaged 787 battery

Dreamliner's battery nightmare

A battery scare has gripped the aviation industry. Normally unfamiliar terms such as "over-discharge" and "thermal runaway" are on the lips of industry insiders and the public alike.

Air india 777

India special report

Its civil and military fleets are set to surge, adding urgency to India’s need to address problems relating to the health of its airlines, limits on airport capacity, controversial offset rules, and the dominant, divisive role of HAL. In a sector-by-sector analysis, we assess the nation’s aerospace prospects.


NH90 enters the operations theatre

Last year brought the NH90 rotorcraft's first deployment, by the Italian army in Afghanistan - and performance was flawless, says the service's aviation commander.

Red Wings crash

Annual airline safety report 2012

World airline safety in 2012 was exceptionally good, particularly in terms of accident rates and in simple accident numbers. Flightglobal figures show there were 21 fatal airline accidents in 2012.

Forecasts 2013

2013 forecasts 

Will 2013 bring the hotly anticipated first flights of new civil airliners? Can we expect an F-35 programme rethink? Our journalists look into their crystal balls and give us their expectations for 2013.

Boeing 787

787 Dreamliner flight test

Test pilot Paul Smith got behind production-standard controls in a 787 test aircraft for an evaluation flight of Boeing’s technologically ground-breaking Dreamliner

Lockheed Martin F-35

World Air Forces 2012

Air arms from around the globe were in action during 2012, while most budgets faced mounting pressure. We list the inventories and purchase plans of 160 nations

Qatar A320neo

A320neo 'on track' as milestone approaches

In the two years since it announced the re-engining plan, Airbus has notched 1,500 A320neo orders, and assigned the first one a serial number.

LAX Airport

Airports look for private route to growth

Privately-run airports are growing in number, with the rise in many locales fuelled by a need for investment as a result of a decreasing pool of public funds.

Comac C919

Comac's clarity of vision

Comac's determination to prove doubters wrong with the C919, coupled with a healthy attitude towards its potential, suggests China has genuine long-term ambitions.

World airliner census

World airliners 2012

Mainliner jet makers have passed numerous milestones this year, with Boeing's 747-8I entering service and Airbus opening its A350 final assembly line. We assess the state of play in each segment of mainliner manufacturing.

Top 100 2012

The World Airline Census

We list the Global Airliner Fleet by type and operator

Top 100 2012

Engine makers prepare to do battle on 777X

Tempting though it must be for Boeing to adopt an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to a potential major revamp of its highly successful 777 twinjet programme, decision time is finally looming.

Top 100 2012

Top 100 aerospace companies 2012

Our Top 100 ranking of aerospace manufacturers' 2011 financial performance reveals the beginning of a sharp divergence in fortunes between companies supplying civil programmes and those reliant on military sales.

World airline rankings

World airline rankings 2012

Last year was tough for airlines as fuel prices rose and economies weakened. Track the largest carriers by revenue and profit in 2011 with our interactive map, providing a breakdown of the differing fortunes across the regions based on the Airline Business World Airline Rankings.


MTU - civil service

After having strong footholds in commercial and military markets for decades, the centre of gravity for MTU Aero Engines' business is shifting firmly to the civilian arena..


Liebherr - leading by a nose

Swiss-based engineering group Liebherr is expanding its facility in Lindenberg, southern Germany, to accommodate its participation in new aircraft programmes.


Conversions - spreading the risk

While Airbus launched the long-awaited A330 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion programme this year, EADS's modification centre - Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) - in Dresden wants to build up its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities to become less dependent on the cyclic air cargo industry.



It has been another year of busy activities for the three major global alliances. Alongside the continued expansion of joint ventures by members within the alliances, there have been a number of new recruits and a few departures.

How the London Olympics were filmed from above

How the London Olympics were filmed from above

Helicopters deployed by Aerial Camera Systems played a crucial role in broadcasting the London 2012 Olympics


UCLASS warriors

With its regional focus shifting and different threats to face, the US military has new requirements of UAVs - reflected in the navy's UCLASS programme

Boeing 787

Sharing the spoils

Neither Boeing nor Airbus was a runaway victor at Farnborough, though each could celebrate, given Cathay's A350-1000 order and brisk Max business. But what next in the big-twin battle

Boeing 787

Boeing spools-up bicoastal 787 lines to boost bottom line

Boeing has established bicoastal 787 production lines as it strives to rapidly ramp up the type's output rate.


Airbus A350 XWB

Airbus sticks by demanding A350 XWB targets

Airbus says first flight of a prototype A350 XWB will take place in mid-2013, with the aircraft entering service in the first half of 2014.

Boeing 787 production line

Aerospace supply chain put under strain

Despite 2011 being the best year ever for the global aerospace industry, experts warn the financial sector may be unwilling to supply cash to pay for new aircraft.

Boeing 737Max

Farnborough brings crucial phase in Airbus/Boeing narrowbody battle

Farnborough brings a crucial phase of the Airbus-Boeing battle of re-engined narrowbodies, as both strive to speed slowing sales while asserting superiority over the rival.

Bombardier CSeries

CSeries questions linger as flight tests approach

Bombardier faces sharp criticisms as it struggles with a small backlog, proven competition and bringing its all-new aircraft from testbed to first flight.

Comac C919

China bids to boost airliner manufacturing presence

The Farnborough air show provides a platform for China to showcase its ambitions to become a global force in airliner manufacturing, but significant challenges remain.

Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF

Partners' financial worries hang heavy over F-35 programme

Belt-tightening by various F-35 partner nations could have big implications for the Joint Strike Fighter programme, but the pressure could be eased by new customers signing up.

Airbus Military A400M

A400M to get new name as first delivery draws near

The wait for the newly renamed A400M is almost over, with the first production example within weeks of its flight debut.

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