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Singapore’s geographical position, political stability and business-friendly economy has long established its status as the commercial and financial hub of Southeast Asia. The tiny island state is also home to the third-largest biennial air show and next week’s event will see most of the major airliner, defence, rotorcraft and business aviation manufacturers make their pitches to some of the world’s fastest growing airlines and most acquisitive militaries, including the city’s own Singapore Airlines and air force. In the following feature package we look at many of the themes that will be in the spotlight at Changi Exhibition Centre from airline orders to military procurement, and infrastructure to the potential for sales of helicopters and private jets.


Take an in-depth look at some of the show's key programmes and themes:

Dream building

A private firm has revived Indonesia's ambition of developing a turboprop passenger aircraft, after a previous state-led programme collapsed more than 15 years ago.

Question of power

With a new wave of narrowbody jets inbound to Asia-Pacific's rapidly expanding airlines, engine manufacturers are manoeuvring to bag the biggest deals.

Terminal tussle

Singapore's Changi airport is preparing for considerable explansion as it moves to secure its spot as Southeast Asia's premier air transit hub - but a regional turf was is brewing.

Routes to success

Prospects are growing for regional aircraft in Asia as airlines develop lower-density, hub and spoke services - which airframer will end up dominant?.

MAS A330

The next wave

With new jet deliveries soaring following Southeast Asian airlines' recent spending spree, orders have slowed - but more sales opportunities are already on the horizon

Jimmy Lau

Singapore's show man

Jimmy Lau, the managing director of Singapore Airshow organiser Experia Events, says this year’s show is so popular that several exhibitors have opted for double-decker stands


Black gold

Southeast Asia's offshore transportation business is a fertile market for rotorcraft manufacturers


Always ready for a fight

The Singapore Airshow will give a unique perspective on the types of capabilities the tiny nation's powerful air force is looking to develop

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