Chief executive Interviews

Jayne Hrdlicka - Jetstar

  • David Neeleman - Azul

    "Everyone's stepped back and realised that the heady days of double-digit growth are done"

  • Jane Hrdlicka

    "The interesting thing is, if you look at Jetstar's growth over the last 10 years, that's as a consequence of having a dual-brand strategy that is focusing Jetstar on staying very true it it's intent"

  • Jane Hrdlicka

    "I think from an LCC standpoint, Southeast Asia is now a mature market. The growth of the middle class and the underlying health of the various economies in Southeast Asia will have a huge impact on how quickly we can grown going forward"

  • Jane Hrdlicka

    "Each one of the businesses in our portfolio is very localised, and it must be. We're a minority shareholder in those businesses. we bring great wisdom to the businesses, and scale, but those businesses are locally run at the end of the day"


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