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  • Avolon sees Airbus ‘keen’ on order for longer-range A321neo

    Avolon believes Airbus is "keen" on the Irish lessor ordering the longer-range A321neo model.

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  • Airborne early wonders: our Top 10 eyes in the sky

    In the week that Royal Australian Air Force officials hailed the performance of the service’s Boeing 737-based...

  • Safran ready to support A320 rate increase

    ​Airbus engine supplier Safran believes current demand for narrowbody aircraft justifies a further increase in ...

  • AVALON: RAAF upbeat on Wedgetail reliability

    The Royal Australian Air Force says recent operational experience operating the Boeing E-7A Wedgetail airborne early...

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  • Alaska benefits from low lease rates on 737-400s

    News | 04 Mar 2015 21:11 | Jon Hemmerdinger

    ​Alaska Airlines’ decision to extend leases on some Boeing 737-400s is paying off, allowing the company to add low-cost capacity in high-demand markets, chief financial officer Brandon Pedersen says on 3 March.
  • American prices $1.21bn EETC with a sub-4% B tranche

    News | 04 Mar 2015 16:55 | Edward Russell

    ​American Airlines has priced its $1.21 billion secured enhanced equipment trust certificate (EETC) issue with a sub-4% subordinate B tranche, the first among recent US carrier deals.
  • Boliviana de Aviación to renew 737 fleet

    News | 04 Mar 2015 16:35 | Rainer Uphoff

    Bolivia’s state-owned Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) reported for 2014 a net profit of $4.9 million, a result that is encouraging the company to start renewing its fleet of Boeing 737-300s with pre-owned 737-700s over the next two years.
  • ANALYSIS: GE's growth at Peebles shows scale of ambitions

    News | 04 Mar 2015 14:20 | Dominic Perry

    ​Drive west from Cincinnati along Ohio state highway 32 towards Virginia and the roads get progressively emptier. Small towns hunker down in the frigid Midwestern winter landscape, dots of colour in a sea of rolling brown hills. The further west you get, the deeper into Amish country you are - signs warn of the likelihood of encountering slow-moving buggies ahead. But, in contrast, every now and then flashing orange lights strobe along the oncoming carriageway as a huge tractor-trailer rig approaches, wide load sign displayed on its nose. Tucked behind in the well of the low-loader trailer is a tarpaulin-wrapped shape, despite the covers it is unmistakeably a large jet engine.
  • Avolon sees Airbus ‘keen’ on order for longer-range A321neo

    News | 04 Mar 2015 10:37 | Olivier Bonnassies

    Avolon believes Airbus is "keen" on the Irish lessor ordering the longer-range A321neo model.
  • Ryanair orders three more 737-800s

    News | 04 Mar 2015 08:38 | Oliver Clark

    Ryanair has ordered three additional Boeing 737-800NGs for $280 million at list prices.