News Listings for Air Aruba

  • ALTA: InselAir prepares for opening of Aruba base

    News | 13 Nov 2013 21:22 | Edward Russell

    InselAir will open its long-planned Aruba base in December, as it continues expansion by adding Boeing MD-80s and Fokker 70s.
  • Air Aruba's grounding upsets Aserca

    News | 01 Dec 2000 00:00

    <p>Venezuela's Aserca Airlines will have to find another way to access the US market following the grounding of its Caribbean subsidiary, Air Aruba. Air Aruba's move has so upset Aserca that it is halting all flights to the Caribbean island nation. </p> <p>Aserca has no route authority to the USA and no prospect of gaining any while Venezuela remains in Category 2 under the US Federal Aviation Administration's safety assessment programme. Yet Aruba has an open skies bilateral with the USA, which allows Air Aruba to fly anywhere in the USA and to carry US traffic beyond Aruba without limitation. Before its grounding, Air Aruba served six US cities and carried substantial sixth freedom traffic to Venezuela. </p> <p>Aserca owns 10% of Air Aruba's shares outright, and Aserca's president, Simeon Garcia, holds another 60% through a Venezuelan investment. Neither Aserca nor Garcia were consulted about Air Aruba's grounding. But Aruba's government, which owns the remaining 30%, may have grou
  • TransVen finally set to start charter services after delays

    News | 21 Nov 2000 00:00

    <p>Paul Lewis/WASHINGTON DC </p> <p>Venezuelan start-up TransVen Airlines plans to finally commence charter services from mid-December after being delayed by a series of equipment setbacks. Its entry into the market follows fresh on the heels of the demise of another Venezuelan owned carrier Air Aruba. </p> <p>TransVen has wet-leased an Airbus A300B4 from Air Anatolia of Turkey on an interim three month basis. "Our main services will be to holiday destinations in the Caribbean on behalf of Venezuelan, Brazilian and Canadian tour operators," says Pedro Vegas, TransVen co-owner and executive vice president. </p> <p>The carrier plans to fly initially from Caracas to Cancun, the Dominican Republic, Havana, S&iuml;o Paulo and St Martins. It also hopes to operate to Fort Lauderdale, but will have to use a wet leased jet as Venezuela is still classified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a Category 2 nation. </p> <p>TransVen originally planned to lease two ex-Swissair A310-300s but
  • Aruba ceases flights

    News | 31 Oct 2000 00:00

    <p>Air Aruba suspended operations on 23 October when its three Boeing MD-90s were repossessed by Taiwanese lessor Hwa Hsia because payments were overdue. With one of the Caribbean airline's Boeing MD-88s in heavy maintenance, the other out of service with an engine problem and its sole McDonnell Douglas DC-9 barred from flying to the USA because it is not hushkitted, Air Aruba cannot now provide a scheduled service. The airline had not filed for bankruptcy protection as Flight International went to press, but has been under-capitalised since privatisation in October 1998, sources say. The Aruban Government retains a 30% stake, Venezuela's Aserca owns 10% and investors in Aserca 60%.</p>
  • Routes

    News | 30 May 2000 00:00

    Delta Air Lines has begun a daily Boeing 767-300ER service between New York Kennedy and Venice, Italy. Meanwhile, Delta has agreed a commercial pact with Air Canada/Canadian Airlines that provides for codesharing in North America and an expansion of services between their respective hubs. The deal supersedes a cancelled codeshare (held by Canadian Airlines) with American Airlines. Continental Micronesia will begin a twice-weekly non-stop service between Guam and Seoul, South Korea, on 16 July, using a Boeing 737-800. Air Aruba is to start daily flights from Ft Lauderdale and Orlando on 1 July, adding to services from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New York Newark. Evergreen International Airlines has begun twice-weekly Boeing 747 freighter services between Singapore and Columbus, Ohio, and will add a third in June. China Southern Airlines is starting a daily scheduled service between Hong Kong and Wuhan, the capital of China's Hubei Province. The carrier has operated the servic
  • Venezuela turmoil attracts start-ups

    News | 18 Apr 2000 00:00

    <p>Paul Lewis/WASHINGTON DC </p> <p>A new carrier, TransVen, is to venture into the troubled Venezuelan air transport sector as the country's two major airlines, Aserca and debt-ridden Avensa, negotiate a deal to consolidate international services ahead of a possible merger. </p> <p>TransVen will initially focus on charter services from Caracas to destinations such as Buenos Aires and Dominica. It is discussing the lease of two early ex-Swissair Airbus A310-300s. </p> <p>The rescue plan for Avensa would see it and Aserca lease three McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30s from Pegasus, allowing Avensa to re-open routes to south European cities including Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Oporto and Rome. Aserca will launch flights to destinations including Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and S&atilde;o Paulo, while connecting with Avensa flights to Europe. </p> <p>Caracas-based Avensa's debts total $59 million, with the state - a 20% shareholder - unwilling to bail it out. Aserca wants to see the issue addre