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  • VLJ and GA operators propose NextGen demos

    A group of air taxi operators under the auspices of the Personal Air Transportation Alliance (PATA) is...

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  • NZ's Vincent Aviation adding Saabs and eyeing ATR 42

    News | 04 Mar 2010 09:36 | Leithen Francis

    Vincent Aviation, a New Zealand-based carrier with operations overseas, has signed a dry-lease for Saab 340Bs and has longer-term plans to buy or lease an...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/NZs-Vincent-Aviation-adding-Saabs-and-eyeing-ATR-42-339049/
  • Australian second tier carrier battle to find niche roles

    News | 22 Jul 2009 07:06 | David Knibb

    Despite the recent collapse of OzJet and SkyAirworld, two new entrants are determined to succeed in Australiahttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Australian-second-tier-carrier-battle-to-find-niche-roles-329902/
  • VLJ and GA operators propose NextGen demos

    News | 05 Mar 2008 16:30 | John Croft

    A group of air taxi operators under the auspices of the Personal Air Transportation Alliance (PATA) is...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/VLJ-and-GA-operators-propose-NextGen-demos-221990/
  • Two tribes

    News | 30 Jun 2004 23:00

    <p>Australia's regionals have had to learn to live in a market dominated  by a single network carrier and a major low-cost competitor</p> <p>Ansett's collapse in September 2001 was a defining moment for Australia's mature regional airline market. Before then, the industry had been divided into two camps - Qantas and Ansett - with subsidiaries and affiliates reasonably matched on both sides.</p> <p>Today the market is dominated by Qantas, with low-cost challenger Virgin Blue providing its major domestic competition. Ansett's subsidiaries reappeared after administration with new owners, but in a much changed landscape. The two largest - Hazelton and Kendell - merged to form a new airline called Regional Express, or simply Rex, while Skywest and the tiny Aeropelican have both continued with new investors.</p> <p>As far as Qantas is concerned, Ansett's demise allowed, perhaps even forced, it to strengthen its regional presence. It has done so through its own subsidiary on larger routes,http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Two-tribes-183954/
  • East Timor lists plans for airport/route expansion

    News | 03 Jun 2002 23:00

    <p>DAVID FULLBROOK / SINGAPORE</p> <p>East Timor plans to expand its airports and negotiate air services agreements with Australia and Indonesia over the next few months following its emergence last month from United Nations administration.</p> <p>The 1,800m (6,000ft)-long runway at Dili, capital of the newly independent nation, needs extending by at least 200m at a cost of $5 million, says transport, communications and public works minister Ovidio de Jesus Amaral. The runway is too short to safely accommodate fully laden Boeing 737s. The airport at the Oecussi enclave also needs expanding to improve links with Dili. </p> <p>Both projects are being held up by budget constraints, says de Jesus Amaral. East Timor is almost exclusively funded by foreign aid, with oil revenues from offshore fields not yet flowing.</p> <p>East Timor's other two airports are Bacau, a former Indonesian air force base and now the country's main international gateway, and Suai, East Timor's other major townhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/East-Timor-lists-plans-for-airportroute-expansion-148936/
  • Qantas considers regional network restructuring

    News | 06 May 2002 23:00

    <p>Paul Phelan / Cairns</p> <p>Qantas is deciding whether to rationalise its QantasLink regional airline network from five separate entities to two. </p> <p>The move would see the creation of an all-jet operation embracing Air Connex - the former Impulse Airlines operation which operates eight Boeing 717s. The other arm would consolidate under one administration the group's fleet of 32 Bombardier Dash 8s which are currently flown by Southern Australian in Victoria, Eastern Australian from Sydney, and Brisbane-based Sunstate Airlines.</p> <p>Three BAe 146s currently operated by Qantas-owned Southern Australian are expected to be transferred to National Jet Systems (NJS), which already operates 14 of the type for QantasLink on a wet-lease basis. </p> <p>Qantas has not said whether it plans to acquire the NJS fleet, to continue the wet-lease agreement, or to replace it with additional 717s. The airline has suggested that the crews flying Southern Australian's three BAe 146s seek emplohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Qantas-considers-regional-network-restructuring-147387/