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  • Picture: Bulgaria's Air Via takes first Airbus A320

    <P><BR>Bulgarian charter carrier Air Via has taken delivery of the first of three Airbus A320 aircraft.</P> <P>The...

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  • ANALYSIS: Preparing for a connectivity revolution

    News | 02 Apr 2015 09:14 | Kerry Reals

    ​Like the air we breathe, access to wi-fi is increasingly seen as a necessity to get us through the day. Gone are the days when airline passengers were content to be incommunicado during their time on board an aircraft.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-Preparing-for-a-connectivity-revolution-410193/
  • Air Via expands MRO contract with JorAMco

    News | 17 Feb 2011 10:39 | Michael Gubisch

    Amman-based maintenance provider Jordan Aircraft Maintenance (JorAMco) has completed two Airbus A320 C-checks for Bulgarian charter carrier Air Via. The...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Air-Via-expands-MRO-contract-with-JorAMco-353307/
  • Picture: Bulgaria's Air Via takes first Airbus A320

    News | 13 Mar 2006 12:40

    <P><BR>Bulgarian charter carrier Air Via has taken delivery of the first of three Airbus A320 aircraft.</P> <P>The first aircraft, an A320-200 (F-WWBE / LZMDA) took off in Air Via livery from Airbus's Toulouse facilities late last week en route to Sofia (pictured below). <BR><BR>The carrier will take an additional two A320s from different leasing companies over the next few months. All aircraft will be fitted with International Aero Engines V2500 powerplants.</P> <P>Air Via presently uses a fleet of five Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft and had been considering the Tupolev Tu-214 for a renewal programme.</P> <P>Air Via plans to use the A320s for charter holiday services between Germany and the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts of Varna and Burgas. <BR><BR></P> <P> <TABLE borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=445 align=center bgColor=#ffffff border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P align=right><IMG height=297 alt="Air Via A320 W445" hspace=2 src="../assets/getAsset.aspx?ItemID=11912" wihttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Picture-Bulgarias-Air-Via-takes-first-Airbus-A320-205401/
  • Prospects for Tupolev twinjet

    News | 06 Jan 2004 00:00

    <p>New sales prospects have emerged for the Tupolev Tu-204 twinjet and its longer-range sister, the Tu-214, in Europe and the Middle East.</p> <p>Iran Air is reported to have selected the Tu-204 over Airbus offerings for its fleet renewal. Khahbibulla Ismailzade, chairman of Iran's parliamentary commission for development, says Iran will be buying Tu-204s following the failure to come to terms with Airbus for the purchase of up to 60 aircraft.</p> <p>Bulgarian carriers Air Sofia and BH Air have signed a letter of intent for four Tu-214s, which unlike the Aviastar-built Tu-204 is produced by the KAPO plant in Kazan, Tatarstan. Bulgarian charter operator Air Via has also expressed interest in replacing its Tupolev Tu-154Ms with Tu-214s. Tupolev says the carrier can take three Tu-214s by 2006, and potentially up to 10. </p> <p>So far, KAPO has only secured Russian customers for the Tu-214. Omsk Airlines is the latest, having recently finalised terms with KAPO for four Tu-214s that it ohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Prospects-for-Tupolev-twinjet-175868/
  • Climate control option for 737NG

    News | 17 Dec 2002 00:00

    <p>A zonal drying system developed by Sweden's CTT Systems is to be offered as a standard option on Boeing's Next Generation (NG) 737 family. It will be available from April following its selection by several European charter operators, including Air Berlin, Hapag-Lloyd and Sterling European Airlines.</p> <p>The system eliminates condensation on the aircraft structure by drying the inter-costal area between the cabin ceiling and sidewall panelling and the inside of the aircraft skin. The drying unit is fitted in the upper crown secondary support structure in a widebody aircraft or below the floor in a narrowbody, and operates by sucking air via a filter through a rotor impregnated with silica gel.</p> <p>Dry air is then blown via a piccolo tube between the cabin liner and the skin, drying the inside of the insulation blankets. These have been known to absorb up to 400kg (880lb) of water on large aircraft such as a Boeing 767, says CTT president Torbjorn Johansson.</p> <p>About 20% ohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Climate-control-option-for-737NG-159188/
  • Lockheed Martin finalises Joint Strike Fighter designs

    News | 03 Feb 1999 00:00

    <p>Paul Lewis/FORT WORTH </p> <p>Lockheed Martin has unveiled detailed configurations of its three planned Joint Strike Aircraft (JSF) X-35A/B demonstrator derivatives, as designs are fined-tuned and attention begins to focus on aircraft systems and cost control. </p> <p>"We're now at the point where we know we have the right aerodynamic configuration and we're starting to shift our emphasis from this to our mission systems, lethality, supportability and affordability," says Harry Blot, JSF deputy programme manager. </p> <p>Lockheed Martin's final 230-3 designated configuration provides for a common conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) and short take-off/vertical landing (STOVL) aerodynamic planform and a slightly enlarged aircraft carrier (CV) variant. All three versions will share the same 15.45m (51ft)-long fuselage. </p> <p>The US Air Force's 230-3A and US Marine Corps/Royal Navy -3B versions incorporate a common 38.27m2 (412ft2) wing, while the wing of the US Navy's -3C cohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Lockheed-Martin-finalises-Joint-Strike-Fighter-designs-47560/