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  • PARIS AIR SHOW: 100 years of Paris air show highlights

    100 years of Paris air show highlights

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  • Fokker's remarkable transformation from airframer to leading first tier supplier to world's aircraft manufacturers

    News | 12 Apr 2010 11:00 | Murdo Morrison

    The best-known Dutch aerospace company no longer makes entire aircraft, but its name lives on as a key supplier and service provider
  • PARIS AIR SHOW: 100 years of Paris air show highlights

    News | 05 Jun 2009 06:00 | Günter Endres

    100 years of Paris air show highlights
  • Letters - Fokker history

    News | 03 Feb 2004 00:00

    <p>To answer the question raised by Andy Preston (<I>Flight International</I>, 13-19 January): Fokker Aviatik GmbH was founded by Anthony Fokker in 1912 in Berlin. In 1919, the Versailles Treaty prohibited any further production of aircraft in Germany. Fokker, a Dutch citizen, therefore founded another company in the Netherlands, which was unrelated to the German one. The Dutch company was ancestor to the modern Fokker corporation.</p> <p>Dr Alexander Zschocke H&uuml;rth, Germany</p>
  • A brief history of Fokker

    News | 27 Mar 1996 00:00

    <p>FOKKER'S BANKRUPTCY may seem like a thoroughly modern phenomenon, but a glance through the company's 80-year history shows that this was not the first time the Dutch manufacturer had sailed close to collapse. </p> <p>THE EARLY DAYS </p> <p>1912 Dutchman Anthony Fokker registers a company in Germany to put his monoplane design into production. </p> <p>1913 Fokker builds fighters for the German army and continues through the First World War, including building Baron von Richthofen's Dr.I triplane. </p> <p>1919 Fokker returns to the Netherlands to found factory in Amsterdam. </p> <p>1920 Fokker produces its first airliner, the C.II, leading to a series of successful civil launches. It goes on to become the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, with bases in the Netherlands and USA. </p> <p>1931 US production ceases as General Motors pulls out. </p> <p>1934 in the aftermath of the Wall Street crash, Fokker asks the Dutch Government for financial aid. </p> <p>THE WAR YEARS </p>