News Listings for Antonov 124-100

  • Abu Dhabi Aviation acquires Maximus Air Cargo

    News | 18 Nov 2008 16:50 | Olivier Bonnassies

    <p>Abu Dhabi Aviation has acquired a 95% stake in Maximus Air Cargo, the specialist heavy-lifter based in the Middle East. </p><p>Maximus is the largest freighter-only...
  • Russia and Indonesia closer to joint venture

    News | 23 May 2006 00:00

    <P><STRONG><SUP><STRONG>Rob Coppinger / Berlin</STRONG></SUP></STRONG></P> <P>A Russian-Indonesian joint venture could begin air-launching satellites in four years if an agreement between the partners is reached this July. Air Launch Aerospace (ALAC) plans to use a modified Antonov 124-100 transport to air-launch the proposed Polyot two-stage booster.</P> <P>The Polyot, an all-Russian design, would be carried inside the An-124 and pneumatically ejected at a relative velocity of about 100ft/s (30m/s), allowing motor ignition to take place at a safe distance from the aircraft. Payloads would be placed into orbits up to 400km (250 miles) altitude.</P> <P>“The development costs are estimated to be $180 million,” says ALAC, whose Indonesian partner is Air Launch Aerospace Indonesia (ALAI). The two companies expect development to take up to four years.</P> <P>The launch system has already completed a technical review with the Russian authorities, and ALAC and ALAI are seeking customers.<
  • Financial results

    News | 01 Feb 1997 00:00

    <p>Air Macau's operating loss during its first full year was about half of the original forecast. The airline carried 665,000 passengers at an average load factor of 68%. </p> <p>Air Pacific increased its profits during its first full year of flying to Los Angeles and Osaka, although the French nuclear tests in the Pacific affected demand in the Japanese market. </p> <p>Gulf Air achieved a profits turnaround during its third quarter after withdrawing from money-losing routes and leasing out surplus aircraft. The carrier has not disclosed its revenues. </p> <p>PIA's operating profit declined during 1995/6, but the airline hopes that cost-cutting measures currently in place will enable it to double profits in 1996/7. PIA has yet to disclose its revenues. </p> <p>Profits fell at the Canadian charter carrier and holiday firm as a result of higher fuel prices and a decrease in European vacation sales. The carrier plans to replace its L.1011s and B727s. </p> <p>Volga-Dnepr Airlines incr