News Listings for Avro 504

  • FARNBOROUGH: First World War dogfights recreated in 'Fighting the Red Baron'

    News | 20 Jul 2010 14:00

    Time has not dulled the mystique or romance of First World War dogfights. Nearly 100 years on, the thought of silk scarves, goggles and biplanes in battle...
  • Flight 100 - History 1909-1918

    News | 02 Jan 2009 00:01 | Philip Jarrett

    Britsh aviation made a slow start, but within the decade the country was making aircraft and the RAF had formed
  • 50 years ago: 25 July 2006

    News | 24 Jul 2006 23:00

    <P> <TABLE style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width=450 align=center bgColor=#f9e8ba border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P align=center><IMG alt="Flight Old logo TN" src=""></P> <P align=center><BR><STRONG>Flight 27.7.1956</STRONG></P> <P align=center><IMG alt="50 years ago" src=""></P> <P><STRONG>Beall and End-All</STRONG> </P> <P>The fortieth anniversary this month of the Boeing Airplane Company was the occasion for a little reminiscing and satellite gazing by the senior vice-president, Mr. Wellwood E. Beall. "The next 40 years will see an old saying disproved," he predicts. "Some things that go up will not come down - at least not to earth." Continuing that the future of civil aviation was arriving so fast that his inclination was to duck, Mr. Beall added: "I think that I can see clearly what to expect by 19
  • 50 years ago: 10 FEB 1956

    News | 07 Feb 2006 00:00

    <P> <TABLE borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=2 align=left bgColor=#f9e8ba border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P align=center><IMG alt="Flight Old logo TN" src=""></P> <P align=center><BR><B>Flight 10.2.1956</B></P></TD></TR> <TR> <TD><B>The Balloon War</B><BR><BR>The latest allegation in the “balloon cold war” is a claim by the East German <IMG height=50 alt="50 years TN" hspace=5 src="" width=50 align=left vspace=5>Government that big balloons carrying up to a ton of “complicated technical equipment” – aerial cameras and radio transmitters – have been found in East Germany. Stating that the balloons were of U.S. manufacture, the Government Press Office said they constituted a serious danger to air traffic.</TD></TR> <TR> <TD><B>Ice-cream Waver</B><BR><BR>At Barnet last week a fine of £20 was imposed upon the pilot of a light aircraft, w
  • 100 years of flying

    News | 14 Jun 2003 23:00

    Geoff Thomas celebrates a century of achievement