News Listings for Bell 204

  • Australia mulls over new firefighting capabilities

    News | 22 Aug 2009 11:00 | Emma Kelly

    Australia is sticking with tried and tested aerial strategies as it enters this year's fire season, but new capabilities are on the horizon
  • A to B: together at last

    News | 07 Jan 2003 00:00

    <p>The arrival of the AB139 at the Phoenix, Arizona, test centre is the first time the twin-engined development machine has been on the same site as its BA609 civil tiltrotor stablemate. The milestone comes four years after the US/Italian joint venture began, following the withdrawal of Bell's V-22 military tiltrotor partner Boeing from the programme. </p> <p>This agreement between Bell and Agusta cemented a relationship that began in 1952, when Agusta received a licence to manufacture the Bell 47.The Italian company subsequently produced the Bell 204/205 and 206, as well as the 212/412, under licence. </p> <p>Bell has a majority shareholding in the new venture, which is responsible for worldwide marketing of both aircraft. Under the deal, Agusta - now AgustaWestland - retains sole responsibility for developing the 12- to 15-seat AB139 through certification and production, but will also develop parts for the six- to nine-seat BA609, including empennage, gearbox and ailerons. The Angl
  • Military Aircraft Census - Military might

    News | 20 Feb 2001 00:00

    <I><p>Flight International's</I> inaugural Military Aircraft Census reveals the make-up, breadth and scale of the world's airborne fighting fleets </p> <p>Stewart Penney/LONDON </p> <p>Flight International's first military aircraft census shows that the world's air arms operate nearly 90,000 aircraft. This figure includes VIP aircraft, essentially unmodified airliners or corporate jets which are not included in the tables. It does, however, give a feel for the size of the world's military aircraft fleet. </p> <p>Leaving aside the Mikoyan MiG-19 and its Chinese copy, the Shenyang J/F-6, the Lockheed Martin F-16 is the world's most popular fighter with well over 4,000 aircraft delivered or on order. The MiG-19/J-6 is in service in massive numbers with the Chinese air force with many believed to be unserviceable. As this skews the numbers, the fighter is omitted from consideration as the world's most popular fighter. The F-16 total includes every variant from early A/Bs to the Block
  • Petroleum Order

    News | 21 Nov 2000 00:00

    <p>Petroleum Helicopters has ordered 68 IntelliStart Plus engine monitoring and diagnostic systems from Honeywell and Altair Avionics to equip its fleet of Bell 206L-3s. Honeywell and Altair, meanwhile, have received certification for the SmartCycle Plus monitoring/diagnostic system on the Bell 204 and 205.</p>
  • FAA Tightens Bell AD

    News | 21 Aug 2000 23:00

    <p>The US Federal Aviation Administration has tightened an airworthiness directive aimed at detecting fatigue cracks which could lead to mast failure and main rotor separation in Bell 204, 205 and 212 helicopters. This follows the discovery of mast cracking before the life limit established last April.</p>
  • Bell/Agusta tie-up made official

    News | 18 Nov 1998 00:00

    <p>Graham Warwick/WASHINGTON DC </p> <p>Bell Helicopter Textron and Agusta have signed the agreement creating the Bell/Agusta Aerospace joint venture to be responsible for development and marketing of the BA609 civil tiltrotor and the AB319 medium twin-turbine helicopter. Bell is the majority shareholder. </p> <p>The agreement cements a relationship which began in 1952, when Agusta received a licence to manufacture the Bell 47.The Italian company subsequently produced the Bell 204/205 and 206, as well as the 212/412, under licence. </p> <p>Under the agreement, Agusta will manufacture parts for the BA609 and assemble the tiltrotor for European customers. Bell, in return, will assemble the AB139 for the North American market. </p> <p>The 6/11-seat BA609 is planned to fly in late 2000, with first deliveries due in April 2002. Approval and first delivery of the 12/15-seat AB139 are planned in 2002. The AB139 will be powered by the same Pratt &amp;Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engi