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  • Time pressure and co-pilot’s lack of training cited in Zurich crash probe

    News | 01 Nov 2005 00:00

    <P>Swiss investigators have determined that the co-pilot of a Cessna Citation V that crashed shortly after take-off from Zurich Kloten airport suffered an apparent “loss of spatial orientation”.</P> <P>In its final report into the crash of the Eagle Air business jet on 20 December 2001, the Swiss accident investigation bureau says the co-pilot’s lack of night-flying experience, poor weather conditions and excessive pressure on time were contributory factors.</P> <P>Both pilots were killed when the aircraft crashed on to the runway after climbing to 500-600ft (150-180m).&nbsp;The accident, at 21:07 local time, happened after the departure had been delayed because of bad weather. The report says the pilots were under intense pressure to reach their final destination, Berne Belp, before 21:30. The airport had given special clearance for a late landing in response to a request from Eagle Air.</P> <P>&nbsp;The report cites the pilot’s decision to undertake a “rolling” take-off as irregul
  • Silver service

    News | 20 Sep 2004 23:00

    <p>Swiss aerospace's maintenance, repair and overhaul providers are seeking to expand by increasing their international customers and exploring niche businesses</p> <p>Although Switzerland has had a healthy maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry for many years, it is one part of aviation where quality cannot be stressed as a selling point, because all European providers follow the same strict rules. Instead, Swiss companies have to promote better delivery times, greater flexibility and deeper customer relationships as they seek to expand.</p> <p>Switzerland has a long MRO tradition. Its largest maintenance provider is SR Technics, the former maintenance arm of defunct Swissair, which has prospered in independence. Similarly, Jet Aviation, which started life servicing the nascent private jet industry, has grown to be a world leader; and the country's large concentration of helicopters has driven the growth of Swiss Helicopter Maintenance (SHM). Meanwhile, manufacturers Ruag A