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  • PARIS AIR SHOW: 100 years of Paris air show highlights

    100 years of Paris air show highlights

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  • PARIS AIR SHOW: 100 years of Paris air show highlights

    News | 05 Jun 2009 06:00 | Günter Endres

    100 years of Paris air show highlights
  • Emergency teams ensure show goes ahead after triple-kangaroo landing

    News | 21 Jul 2002 23:00

    <p>A steep ‘tactical' landing approach went horribly wrong for an Italian air force pilot at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) on Saturday morning when he touched down hard on the nosewheel, bursting both tyres. </p> <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=6538' /></p> <p>The subsequent ‘triple-kangaroo' down the runway collapsed the nose gear of the Alenia G-222 twin-engined transport aircraft and it eventually skidded to a standstill 700m down the runway with smoke and flames pouring from under the nose. </p> <p>The pilot shut down both engines and all three crew members evacuated safely. Emergency vehicles were on the scene within one minute and the fire was quickly extinguished. The aircraft, from the Pratica di Mare airbase in southern Italy, sustained serious damage to the underside of the nose and couldn't be moved until a mobile crane lifted it onto a trolley using a sling. </p> <p>Fortunately, damage to RAF Fairford's newly-resurfaced runway was relatively mino
  • Magnificent aerial display

    News | 24 Jul 2000 09:02

    <p>Geoff Thomas</p> <p>For the first time, this year's Farnborough airshow has been linked to the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), the world¹s largest military aviation display. Farnborough¹s move to July could have resulted in an unfortunate clash of dates had the two teams of organisers not worked together for the past couple of years, ensuring that both shows went ahead as planned. Held this year at RAF Cottesmore in Rutland from 19-24 July - the runway at its permanent home, RAF Fairford, is being re-surfaced for NATO use - RIAT 2000 focused on the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. As well as a mouth-watering selection of past and present military aircraft - both in the air and on the ground - RIAT featured a Battle of Britain salute that the organisers entitled 'theatre of the air'. A unique team of pilots, actors, pyrotechnics specialists and ground crew portrayed the drama and pathos of summer 1940 - the events linked through giant 'jumbotron' TV screens around t
  • Farnborough highlights over the years

    News | 07 Sep 1998 07:52

    <p>1927 - The very first SBAC display is held at RAF Hendon in north-west London. Featuring 30 aircraft from 13 constructors, the show also displays engines from</p> <p>six companies. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>1936 - The show moves to de Havilland's aerodrome at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, as it has out-grown Hendon. First appearances included the Fairey Battle, Bristol</p> <p>Blenheim, Handley Page Hampden, Hawker Hurricane, Westland Lysander, Supermarine Spitfire and Armstrong Whitworth Whitley - all to become household</p> <p>names a mere three years later with the outbreak of the Second World War. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>1938 - Show is cancelled due to the worsening European political situation, particularly the Munich Crisis. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>1946 - The first post-Second World War show is held at Handley Page's airfield at Radlett, Hertfordshire. Although a success, the airfield is not considered</p> <p>adequate for the show as it has a public footpath running through it, in