News Listings for China Eastern Yunnan

  • IAI recognises on-wing service

    News | 22 Feb 2006 00:00

    <BR>Shangdong Airlines and China Eastern Yunnan Airlines have received certificates of recognition for their CFM56-3 engine on-wing maintenance programmes from Israel Aircraft Industries’ (IAI) Bedek Aviation Group. Two engines for Shangdong Airlines and two engines for China Eastern Yunnan Airlines were last serviced by Bedek during a major shop visit. <BR>David Arzi, IAI corporate vice-president and general manager of Bedek Aviation Group, says: “We are pleased to award these certificates for excellence in on-wing maintenance witnessed by the fact that these engines have operated successfully for more than 10,000 hours on-wing, and that one engine has a time since last shop visit of 17,489 flight hours.” <BR>Bedek services and delivers more than 560 engines a year and its engines division now offers CFM56-7 and Pratt &amp; Whitney 400 series engine maintenance to provide Boeing Next Generation 737 operators with higher thrust, improved efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.
  • 737 arrives in China

    News | 08 Mar 2005 00:00

    <p>Boeing has delivered the first of 13 Boeing 737s due in 2005 to China Eastern Airlines affiliates on lease from International Lease Finance. In the foreground is 737-700 for China Eastern Yunnan Airlines and behind it an -800 for China Eastern Airlines Wuhan.</p>