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  • Columbia cuts price of 350

    <P><SPAN class=113574607-21102005><FONT face=Arial size=2><STRONG><EM>Flight International</EM> online news 09:00GMT: </STRONG>Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing (CAM) has cut the base price of its Columbia 350 composite four-seat utility aircraft by $20,000 to just under&nbsp;$379,000. The Oregon-based manufacturer says it is passing production savings onto customers.</FONT></SPAN></P>

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  • This week briefings

    News | 30 Nov 2007 15:54 | Rob Coppinger

    Galileo satellites poised to clear hurdle NAVIGATION The European Union's Galileo satellite navigation system looks likely to clear a funding hurdle...
  • Cirrus pulls out of Columbia auction

    News | 26 Nov 2007 15:02 | Jeff Decker

    Cessna is the only aviation company remaining in the competition to acquire bankrupt general aviation aircraft manufacturer...
  • Columbia Aircraft, hit by 'chain of unfortunate events', to shed staff

    News | 20 Mar 2007 00:00

    <P>Columbia Aircraft has slashed its workforce by around 10% in an attempt to "better align staffing levels with current production needs". The lay-offs will affect 59 of the Bend, Oregon-based company's 605 employees. </P><P>While sales and deliveries of Columbia 350 and 400 aircraft reached record levels last year "a chain of unfortunate events" - a six-month certification delay on the Garmin G1000 instrument panel installation and a freak hailstorm which damaged more than 60 aircraft - hampered the company's ability to operate profitably. </P><P>"We actually increased our staffing level in the last 18 months in an effort to not only maintain our production of new aircraft at a level that matches our order rate, but also to refinish the aircraft harmed in the hail storm," says Columbia president Bing Lantis. He adds that the company maintains a 90-day backlog of orders </P><P></P><BR><BR><BR>
  • iFly receives first Columbia 350s

    News | 02 Oct 2006 23:00

    <P>US members-only aero club, iFly, has taken delivery of its first six Garmin G1000-equipped Columbia 350 light aircraft.</P> <P>The programme, which offers unrestricted use of the four-seat aircraft for lower initial monthly and hourly costs than fractional ownership, has launched operations across six bases in southern California – Carlsbad, Long Beach, Orange County, Santa Monica, Torrance and Van Nuys airports. iFly plans to expand nationally, but is remaining tightlipped on the size of its orderbook. </P> <P>The scheme offers shared owner-flown access to the $450,000 aircraft for an initial membership fee of just under $40,000, monthly dues of less than $1,800 and an hourly use fee of $70. Based on an expected 150h per year use over the five-year programme, total cost of access is estimated at less than $245,000. </P> <P>iFly co-founder Erik Lindbergh says: “The initial delivery is only the beginning for iFly. We have aggressive expansion plans and anticipate rapidly adding to ou
  • iFly offers unrestricted aircraft use

    News | 18 Sep 2006 23:00 | Graham Warwick

    Company claims lower costs than fractional ownership for unlimited air hours in Columbia 350 four-seaters

    News | 21 Feb 2006 00:00

    <P><BR>Columbia Aircraft has introduced a programme, including brokerage, financing and insurance, to help customers sell their current aircraft and purchase a new Columbia 350 or 450.</P>