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  • Douglas DC-6 will hit air show circuit in 2008

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  • Douglas DC-6 will hit air show circuit in 2008

    News | 26 Nov 2007 17:22 | David Learmount

    <UL> <LI><A href="http://www.flightglobal.com/AirSpace/photos/douglasdc6/default.aspx" target=_blank>More images&nbsp;of the Douglas DC-6&nbsp;on AirSpace</A> <LI><A href="http://www.flightglobal.com/AirSpace/forums/piston-versus-power-3f00-i-know-which-side-i-2700-m-on-5210.aspx#6567" target=_blank>Flight's safety and operations editor David Learmount shares his memories of flying the Douglas DC-6</A></LI></UL> <P>Air Atlantique's Classic Flight is to put one of its pair of Douglas DC-6s on the UK and Europe air show circuit in 2008, according to the flight’s owner Mike Collett. </P> <P>He has two of the type – G-APSA and G-SIXC - and until a few years ago Coventry airport-based Air Atlantique was operating them in the ad-hoc air cargo role which they performed well, having a 13.5t payload.</P> <P>G-APSA, the only UK-registered DC-6 currently operational, is being prepared for the UK and European air show circuit next year. </P> <H6 align=right><IMG style="WIDTH: 445px; HEIGhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Douglas-DC-6-will-hit-air-show-circuit-in-2008-219880/
  • Freight fright

    News | 15 Jan 1997 00:00

    <p>THE AIRLINE-ACCIDENT statistics for 1996 (P31) suggest that there is a serious safety problem in the air-freight market. Over one-third of all fatal airliner accidents last year were to non-passenger aircraft: they caused the deaths of 158 aircrew and other occupants, and more than 350 further deaths of innocent third parties on the ground. </p> <p>At the same time as these statistics were being compiled, the US Federal Aviation Administration was readying an airworthiness directive which calls for checks to - and possible grounding for reworking of -many freight-converted jet airliners. The FAA's complaint is that many of these aircraft have been converted using invalid structural calculations: the Administration's fear is that as a result many of them are too weak to be safe. </p> <p>Such fears strike at a sector of the industry which - despite the apparent boom in air-cargo traffic - may be the least-prepared and least-resourced to cope with them. Comparatively few air-cargo ophttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Freight-fright-1416/