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  • Mahindra Aerospace follows Embraer path

    News | 01 Feb 2011 06:00 | Greg Waldron

    Mahindra Aerospace began life by chance. Now acquisitions have opened up new possibilities in light aircraft and aerostructures
  • Layang to expand MRO operation

    News | 25 Sep 2006 23:00 | Siva Govindasamy

    <P>Layang Layang Aerospace, a Malaysian operator of charter flights, plans to offer regional general aviation operators maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in East Malaysia.</P> <P>The company received its MRO certificate from Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation last week. Managing director Johan Poong Abdullah says that this makes Layang Layang the first company to offer MRO services for small aircraft and light helicopters in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. “We can also offer aviation companies in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, which go to Singapore for their MRO now, the option of using our facilities instead,” he adds.</P> <P>The company has hangars and maintenance facilities in Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu, and at Miri in Sarawak. These are used to provide MRO services to the company’s fleet of three fixed wing aircraft – a Shorts Skyvan and two GAF Nomad N22s – and a Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter. It will also take delivery of a Euroc
  • The right way

    News | 28 Jan 1998 00:00

    <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=288' /></p> <p>John King/TEKAPO </p> <p>IN common with other countries with deregulated aviation industries, New Zealand has seen a proliferation of small airlines in recent years. Also in line with experience in many countries, some of those carriers have met problems. </p> <p>It is the old story of enthusiasm attracting under-capitalised players into setting up small organisations to fill a niche, often with inadequate back-up. While they may at first operate with outward efficiency, after a while cracks start to show and can lead to incidents. </p> <p>Two small New Zealand airlines - Soundsair, with a Cook Strait operation, and United Aviation, with a wider network of freight and passenger services in the lower North Island - have had public problems in recent months. Each had a fatal accident and was grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ). United has been grounded permanently, such was the state of its in-hous
  • Aurigny searches for successor to Trislander

    News | 30 Apr 1997 15:21

    <p>Aurigny Air Services, the UK Channel Islands-based regional airline, is seeking bids for a replacement within the next few years for its ageing fleet of nine Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-III Trislanders. </p> <p>The airline wants a new, rugged, 19-passenger aircraft able to cruise at around 160kt (300km/h), offer a range of 300km (160nm), and be capable of operating from 800m (2,600ft) strips at maximum weight. </p> <p>The tri-piston-engined Trislanders, which are around 20 years old, are regularly operated on multiple-sector lengths of less than 6min on Aurigny's island-hopping network, being flown from grass strips, with 10min turnarounds. </p> <p>"A huge gap has been left in the market for small, rugged, airliners following the demise of types such as the Trislander, de Havilland Twin Otter, GAF Nomad, and CASA C212," says Aurigny flight-operations manager Ian Stait. </p> <p>"We think there would be demand from island airlines, and bush freight carriers, for a basic, easy-to-m
  • Indonesia is poised to buy GAF Nomads

    News | 27 Nov 1996 00:00

    <p>Indonesia is to purchase the Australian Defence Force's 20 remaining GAF Nomad utility aircraft. It will also start to take delivery of five de Havilland DHC-5D Buffalo's from the United Arab Emirates. </p> <p>The Australian Army declared the Nomad unsuitable for its requirements when operational restrictions, including the barring of full-flap operation resulting from structural problems, prevented the Nomad's use in roles demanding its short take-off-and-landing capability. The aircraft was grounded in 1995. </p> <p>Defence Minister Ian McLaughlan says that the sale was subject to final price negotiations and a final inspection of the aircraft, which are being held in storage at the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey, Queensland. </p> <p>Indonesia wants the aircraft for maritime surveillance, a role for which it already uses 18 Nomads, which were acquired from Australia in the 1970s. </p> <p>"Maritime surveillance is well within the approved performance limitations on Nomad aircraf
  • Nomads withdrawn

    News | 05 Sep 1995 23:00

    <p>The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is to withdraw its 24 GAF Nomad utility-transport aircraft from service in the light of its inability to meet performance requirements for military operations. The RAAF will instead lease aircraft to fulfil this requirement. </p>