News Listings for Georgian Airlines

  • Georgia to become part of common European aviation area

    News | 03 Dec 2010 11:53 | David Kaminski-Morrow

    <p>Georgia is to be integrated into a common aviation area with the European Union following the signing of a comprehensive air services agreement.</p><p>The...
  • Jet deals - 26 July

    News | 26 Jul 2010 10:30 | Olivier Bonnassies

    Apollo Aviation acquires 747-400s Apollo Aviation has acquired three Boeing 747-400s with CF6-80C2B1F engines that were operated by Air France. The...
  • Jet deals - 22 February

    News | 22 Feb 2010 09:24 | Olivier Bonnassies

    Bristol Associates has completed the sale of one additional aircraft on behalf of Continental Airlines
  • Jet deals - 2 November

    News | 02 Nov 2009 09:30 | Olivier Bonnassies

    Turkish Airlines leases two ex-SkyEurope 737NGs
  • Jet deals - 27 April

    News | 27 Apr 2009 10:00 | Olivier Bonnassies

    Iraqi Airways leases 737-700s
  • Georgia, Russia set up working group to break flights deadlock

    News | 12 Feb 2007 10:32 | Tom Zaitsev

    <body lang=EN-GB style='tab-interval:36.0pt'> <div class=Section1> <div> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'><span lang=EN-US style='mso-ansi-language:EN-US'>Georgian and Russian aviation authorities have set up a working group to consider restoring bilateral air links after failing to reach a conclusive agreement during recent talks.</span></p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'><span lang=EN-US style='mso-ansi-language:EN-US'>“At this point, we find it inopportune to sign any documents,” said chief of state aviation policy at <st1:place u1:st="on"><st1:country-region u1:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Russia</st1:country-region></st1:place></st1:place></st1:country-region>’s transport ministry, Gennady <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Loschenov</span></span>. “We’ve only completed consultations <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>centred</span><