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  • Taiwan calls for more consolidation

    News | 31 Mar 2004 23:00

    <p>Taiwan's government is again calling for mergers among the country's loss-making domestic airlines, five years after an initial wave of consolidation.</p> <p>The Civil Aeronautics Administration in February oversaw a meeting with representatives of the four domestic carriers, at which it again brought up the issue of mergers. The meeting did not result in any progress, however.</p> <p>Taiwanese airlines have been losing money on domestic routes for years and competition is expected to increase after a high-speed railway opens in 2005 operating on the main domestic route between Taipei and Kaohsiung. The government has called several times over the years for airlines to consider mergers, although its calls have fallen on deaf ears.</p> <p>The four domestic operators are Far Eastern Air Transport, Mandarin Airlines, TransAsia Airways and UNI Airways. Some believe not all will be able to survive after the rail line opens.</p> <p>Mandarin is controlled by international carrier China
  • China Southern begins merger talks with Air China

    News | 20 Jul 1999 23:00

    <p>Chris Jasper/SHANGHAI</p> <p>China Southern Airlines has confirmed that it has held talks with flag carrier Air China over a possible merger that would bring together two of the country's three biggest airlines. </p> <p>China Southern says that its parent, Southern Airlines Group, has held preliminary talks with Air China which may or may not lead to a strategic relationship. </p> <p>Guangzhou-based China Southern issued the statement after asking for trading in its shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange to be suspended for a day on 9 July, following the disclosure of its plans in <I>Flight International</I>. When trading resumed, the carrier's share price jumped and closed 8.5% up. Details of the merger scheme were first revealed by <I>Flight International's</I> sister on-line service <I>Air Transport Intelligence</I>.</p> <p>The merger, which would effectively float ailing Air China, is understood to have government backing, although industry sources say senior airline manager
  • Time to reflect

    News | 31 May 1999 23:00

    Nicholas Ionides TAIPEI Taiwan's EVA Airways has enjoyed rapid growth since it started flying eight years ago. Now it is time for consolidation and to take stock <p>An unfamiliar quiet now fills the once bustling halls of the EVA Airways corporate offices. After eight years of phenomenal growth, Asia's bright young start-up has reached maturity. Gone are the days when new aircraft were arriving faster than one could count the new routes being inaugurated. </p> <p>"There is still some growth, but the majority is from cargo operations," says founding president and vice-chairman Frank Hsu. "The passenger side of the business has already reached a certain point, especially with the economies being so down. So, at this particular time, it is a great opportunity for us to sit down, to consolidate internally, to make ourselves more efficient. It's a time for us to consolidate." </p> <p>Consolidation must be an odd concept for Hsu, who was a senior executive with the fast-expanding Ever
  • Growth continues

    News | 30 Apr 1999 23:00

    Regional airlines continue to thrive around the world, with traffic and profits climbing again last year, as the latest rankings indicate. But there are structural issues on the horizon as Kevin O'Toole, Karen Walker, Jackie Gallacher and Tom Gill report. <p>And so regional markets continue to boom. Equipped with a multiplying fleet of new regional jets and an increasingly free hand from the majors, most regional carriers again turned in double digit traffic growth in 1998 and made profits to match. </p> <p>The growth shines through in this year's Airline Business passenger ranking of the world's top 100 regional carriers. The results show that passenger numbers rose again by close to 10%. Neither has the expansion been at the expense of performance. Load factors edged up despite the hectic growth rates and profits appear to have improved again. It is not always easy to glean financial performance among regional carriers - often privately owned or subsidiaries of larger groups. But
  • Mandarin/Formosa set to merge in June

    News | 18 Nov 1998 00:00

    <p>Andrzej Jeziorski/SINGAPORE </p> <p>Taiwan's China Airlines (CAL) has fixed a June target date for the merger of its two subsidiaries, Mandarin Airlines and Formosa Airlines. </p> <p>The move is intended to create a new domestic carrier, allowing CALto concentrate on international services. It has been under examination since mid-1998, following rival EVA Airways' merger of its own domestic offshoots, UNI Airways, Taiwan Airlines and Great China Airlines. These have since been united under the UNI Airways banner. </p> <p>If the Mandarin/Formosa rationalisation goes ahead, the merged carrier will continue as Mandarin Airlines, with Mandarin's international routes and aircraft being taken over by CAL. </p> <p>Both CAL and EVA's rationalisation moves have been driven by government calls to restructure the Taiwanese airline industry after the crash of a CAL Airbus A300-600R, with the loss of 202 lives, on 16 February. The accident shook confidence in the airline, and this was exacer
  • Taiwan merger

    News | 09 Jun 1998 23:00

    <p>EVA Airways' three subsidiaries UNI Air, Taiwan Airlines and Great China Airlines have received government permission to merge into a single airline on 30 June. The new airline, to be called UNI Air, will become Taiwan's largest domestic carrier, with 27% of the island's capacity. The new UNI Air plans to list on the Taiwan stock exchange. Parent company EVA has dropped all domestic flights. </p>