News Listings for Hawker Typhoon

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  • Birth of Typhoon's world market challenge

    News | 07 Sep 1998 08:10

    <p>Tim Ripley &nbsp;</p> <p>The wraps formally came off one of the worst kept secrets in the aerospace industry last Wednesday, when Eurofighter's EF2000 was christened Typhoon in a media extravaganza at British Aerospace's Farnborough headquarters. &nbsp;</p> <p>Europe's contender for the $70 billion global fighter market will now be known as the Typhoon for foreign markets, but the four partner nations - Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK - have yet to confirm a new designation for aircraft that are to enter frontline service with their air forces. &nbsp;</p> <p>Eurofighter chairman Filippo Bagnato explains that many potential customers were unhappy with the Eurofighter title. "In many parts of the world we need a more global positioning," he says. "Typhoon allows a more global approach to marketing." &nbsp;</p> <p>Heritage </p> <p>Brian Phillipson, managing director Eurofighter, says Typhoon will be used for export EF2000s while the partners "-will continue to use the name Eurofi