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  • FLIGHT TEST: Gulfstream G150 - Space Machine

    We flight test the Gulfstream G150 mid-size business jet. A bigger cabin, new cockpit, improved systems and all the performance of its predecessor look set to make the G150 a winner.

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  • FLIGHT TEST: Hawker 4000 - Beyond the horizon

    News | 30 Sep 2008 00:00 | Mike Gerzanics

    Was the long wait for the Hawker 4000 worth it? We flew the super-midsize business jet and found an aircraft that gives real value for money in its market sector
  • FLIGHT TEST: Gulfstream G150 - Space Machine

    News | 28 Feb 2006 00:00

    We flight test the Gulfstream G150 mid-size business jet. A bigger cabin, new cockpit, improved systems and all the performance of its predecessor look set to make the G150 a winner.
  • Exploring the Galaxy

    News | 30 Sep 1998 00:00

    <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=1768' /></p> <p>Julian Moxon/Tel AVIV Cutaway/John Marsden and Tim Hall </p> <p>The pressure is on at Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) as its business aircraft division works to certificate its latest design by the late December deadline. The on-schedule maiden flight of the third prototype Galaxy on 23 September was a further boost to a programme that, after overcoming early production problems, has stuck rigidly to its schedule. The overriding aim now is to get this aircraft, the first built to series-production standard, to the all-important US National Business Aviation Association show at Las Vegas, Nevada, on 19-21 October, before which it must have built up a minimum 50h of flight time in Israel. "We are sure we can do it," says IAI Galaxy programme manager Zvi Genisher. </p> <p>While technical development has proceeded almost without incident since it was launched in mid-1993, the Galaxy programme has been faced with production and
  • Pritzker's truck

    News | 09 Sep 1998 00:00

    <p>The Pritzker family, partner in the Israel Aircraft Indus-tries (IAI) Galaxy business jet programme, is evaluating an investment in IAI's Airtruck cargo aircraft project. The programme is being undertaken for parcels carrier FedEx, and IAI is seeking an investor, along with at least one more customer, to enable it to keep the unit price of the aircraft within FedEx's limit of $10 million. </p>
  • IAI seeks to wrap up FedEx deal with further Airtruck investors

    News | 26 Aug 1998 00:00

    <p>Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) Airtruck specialised cargo aircraft has been selected in principle by FedEx to meet its requirement for a Fokker F27 replace- ment. The Israeli company is struggling to meet FedEx's price demands, however, and is seeking additional customers, partners and investors to enable the programme to be launched. </p> <p>The Airtruck has been designed to meet FedEx's requirement for up to 100 freighters. The high-wing twin turboprop will be capable of carrying five standard size cargo containers over a range of some 1,900km (1,000nm) at a speed of around 300kt (550km/h). FedEx is willing to guarantee the purchase of 100 aircraft on condition that the unit price is no greater than $10 million. </p> <p>A source close to the programme says that, with a planned production run of only 100 aircraft, the unit price will exceed the FedEx limit. Having failed to convince the express carrier to pay slightly more for the aircraft, IAI is now looking for additional cu
  • IAI ends 1997 with first flight of the Galaxy

    News | 07 Jan 1998 00:00

    <p>THE MAIDEN flight of Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) Galaxy business jet took place on 25 December. The flight from Ben-Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, lasted 2h and the aircraft reached an altitude of 10,000ft (3,000m). IAI plans to complete certification this year using two flying prototypes and two static test airframes. The second aircraft is due to begin flight tests in March. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in early 1999. There are four firm orders and 17 refundable deposits for the eight/19-seat Galaxy. </p>