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  • Icelandair Group names new chief of SmartLynx

    News | 21 Jan 2009 09:38

    <p>Icelandair Group has named Omar Benediktsson as the new managing director of its Latvian leasing operation SmartLynx.</p><p>Benediktsson is a former chief...
  • Surrogate supply

    News | 26 Jun 2006 00:00

    The growth of the wet-lease business has been driven by carriers eager to cut costs and match capacity to demand in an increasingly competitive world
  • Focus Iceland: Northern raiders

    News | 23 Jan 2006 00:00

    A small island in the North Atlantic does not immediately spring to mind as a hotbed of aggressive investment policies and strategic forays into foreign lands, yet Iceland has an abundance of both
  • Air Atlanta Icelandic CEO Benediktsson resigns

    News | 04 Oct 2005 12:01 | Victoria Moores

    <body lang=EN-GB style='tab-interval:36.0pt'> <div class=Section1> <div> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>Wet-lease specialist Air Atlanta Icelandic’s CEO Omar <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Benediktsson</span></span> is to resign from his role effective from next month.<u1:p></u1:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'><span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Benediktsson</span></span> became CEO of Air Atlanta Icelandic earlier this year after Icelandic wet-lease operator <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Islandflug</span></span> – for which he was CEO – was merged into Air Atlanta Icelandic under its new holding company, <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Avion</span></span> Group.</p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>But having overseen the merger, <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Benediktsson</span></span>
  • UK carriers Excel Airways and Air Atlanta Europe to merge

    News | 15 Sep 2005 10:24 | Victoria Moores

    <body lang=EN-GB style='tab-interval:36.0pt'> <div class=Section1> <div> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'><st1:country-region w:st="on">UK</st1:country-region></st1:place></st1:country-region> charter carrier Excel Airways and wet lease specialist Air Atlanta Europe, which are both owned by <st1:country-region><st1:place><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Iceland</st1:place></st1:country-region></st1:place></st1:country-region>’s <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Avion</span></span> Group, are aiming to merge their operations from next year.</p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>The two carriers are to be brought together under the air operator’s certificate (AOC) of Excel Airways, possibly dropping the Air <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Altanta</span></span> Europe brand.</p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-a
  • Cyprus Airways to sell Hellas Jet to Greek charter carrier

    News | 28 Jun 2005 09:32 | David Kaminski-Morrow

    <body lang=EN-GB style='tab-interval:36.0pt'> <div class=Section1> <div> <div> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>Cyprus Airways has signed a memorandum of understanding with a view to selling its unsuccessful Greek subsidiary carrier Hellas Jet to a Greek-based charter airline operating under the name Air Miles.</p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>Air Miles, the trading name for Greek company Trans World Aviation, is based in Athens and conducts charter flights on domestic routes to numerous Greek mainland and island destinations as well as flights to European cities.</p> <p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>It was set up four years ago and has previously co-operated with Icelandic carrier <span class=SpellE><span class=spelle>Islandsflug</span></span> which has operated Boeing 737-400 aircraft for the company.</p> <p class=M