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  • IHI backs GE's CF6 engine proposal

    News | 26 May 2003 23:00

    <p>BRENDAN SOBIE / SINGAPORE</p> <p>Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) may manufacture General Electric's CF6 engine in Japan as part of the C-X transport project.</p> <p>IHI is backing GE's CF6 proposal in a Japan Defence Agency (JDA) competition to select a C-X powerplant. Competition is provided by the Pratt &amp; Whitney PW4000 and Rolls-Royce Trent 500, with a selection expected later this year.</p> <p>"IHI hopes the CF6 will be selected as the C-X engine," says IHI business planning group manager Hiroshi Suzuki. "It may be possible to produce CF6 engines domestically, since IHI and other Japanese companies have sufficient experience on production of large commercial engines like the CF6."</p> <p>The JDA earlier this year selected the CF6 over the PW4000 to power its new fleet of 767 tankers. The CF6 also powers about 150 Japanese-registered commercial aircraft, making a possible manufacturing venture in Japan attractive.</p> <p>Kawasaki Heavy Industries is developing
  • Changing priorities

    News | 14 Mar 2000 00:00

    Growing regional threats meant Japan's defence procurement plans were relatively unaffected by economic downturn <p>Andrzej Jeziorski/TOKYO </p> <p>The need to control defence spending in Japan has been offset by the evident anxiety caused by North Korea's recent testing of Taepo Dong ballistic missiles, one of which overflew Japan in what Pyongyang later claimed was a failed satellite launch. Concern is also increasing about China's growing economic, political and military strength, spurring Japan to soften its stated policy of absolute renunciation of war, adopted after the Second World War. </p> <p>These concerns have prompted Japan to develop its own reconnaissance satellites. The project is assigned to a Mitsubishi Electric-led industrial team, with US industry supplying some hardware. Japan is also understood to be planning a new helicopter base at Maizuru for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) patrols over the Sea of Japan, using Sikorsky SH-60Js, and aimed at preventing North Kor
  • World Air Forces listing J-M

    News | 24 Nov 1999 00:00

    <p>JAMAICA</p> <p>JAMAICA DEFENCE FORCE AIR WING</p> <p>Formed in 1963, shortly after Jamaica's independence, the Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing's primary role is air mobility for the infantry. The Air Wing also supports the police on observation duties, is active in counter drug operations missions and is used as an air ambulance. Fixed-wing aircraft are used for maritime and coastal patrol as well as VIP transport. The Air Wing is split into three flights. No 1 operates the fixed-wing types based at Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport. Nos 2 Flight and 3 Flight are based at the Jamaica Defence Force headquarters at Up Park Camp, Kingston. No 2 Flight operates the UH-1H/Bell 205s in utility roles and No 3 Flight flies observation missions with the JetRangers. The AS355Ns were delivered in 1999.</p> <p>Type&#9;&#9;&#9;&#9;&#9;No&#9;&#9;Role</p> <p>Bell 206B JetRanger&#9;&#9;&#9;6&#9;&#9;liaison/SAR</p> <p>AS335N Squirrel &#9;&#9;&#9;4&#9;&#9;liaison/patrol</p> <p>Bell
  • Japan stalls future fighter demonstrator

    News | 20 Oct 1998 23:00

    <p>The Japan Defence Agency (JDA)has postponed plans to start work on a future fighter demonstrator next year, as it struggles to complete development flight testing of the new Mitsubishi F-2A/B support fighter by the end of 1999. </p> <p>The JDA's Technical Research and Development Institute (TRDI) had wanted to start work next year on the twin-engined demonstrator, variously designated as FI-X or TD-X. The aircraft, which was intended to fly by 2007, will test stealth, flight control and thrust-vectoring engine technologies. </p> <p>The 9m-long (29.5ft) demonstrator is seen as the possible basis for a future indigenously developed replacement for the Japan Air Self Defence Force's Mitsubishi-built McDonnell Douglas F-4J, and eventually its Boeing F-15EJs. The JDA had originally estimated the programme would cost some ´100 billion ($840 million). </p> <p>The TRDI has been funding work on an 11,200lb-thrust (50kN) demonstrator engine by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) sin
  • Japan's T-7 decision saves Fuji's day

    News | 08 Sep 1998 23:00

    <p>Andrew Mollett/TOKYO </p> <p>The Japanese Government has thrown Fuji Heavy Industries' beleaguered aerospace division a lifeline with its decision to choose a modified version of the company's T-3 as the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's (JASDF) next generation basic trainer. Neither the Japanese Defence Agency (JDA) nor Fuji will disclose the value of the order, to be officially confirmed later this month. </p> <p>The first two aircraft will be delivered in 2000, with a further 48 scheduled to be shipped over the following decade. </p> <p>A senior Fuji source says, however, that national budgetary constraints might mean that no more than 45 aircraft will be ordered eventually. He admits, nevertheless, that the contract "-will go a long way to ensuring our survival in the sector". </p> <p>The decision to award the contract to Fuji, which is fast running out of military work, has come under fire from the other shortlisted contender, Pilatus. The Swiss company says that it is surpris
  • Japan details 1998 aircraft-procurement plans

    News | 23 Sep 1997 23:00

    <p>Andrew Mollet/TOKYO </p> <p>The Japan Defence Agency (JDA) has submitted its aircraft-procurement request for fiscal year 1998 to the finance ministry's budgetary appropriations committee before it is incorporated in the Government's April 1998 budget. </p> <p>The JDA request, which is relatively modest compared with previous years, calls for 52 new fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft for the three Japan self-defence forces, compared with the 56 approved in FY1997. The final number to be funded is subject to Government and parliamentary review and will almost certainly be further trimmed. </p> <p>The Japan Air Self-Defence Force's (JASDF) request for FY1998 totals 27 aircraft - a further nine Mitsubishi F-2A/B support fighters, ten Kawasaki T-4 trainers, one Gulfstream U-4 transport, three search-and-rescue Raytheon Hawker U-125As and one Beechjet T-400, and three Sikorsky/Mitsubishi UH-60J helicopters. </p> <p>A further 15 aircraft are being sought by the Ground Self-Defence Force