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  • Tatarstan Airlines faces threat of grounding

    ​Russia’s federal aviation authority is looking to ground Tatarstan Airlines after an inspection of the carrier discovered a number of operational problems.

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  • Tatarstan crash spurs training centre probe

    ​Russia’s federal Investigative Committee is putting pressure on the country’s aviation regulator Rosaviatsia over...

  • No survivors from Tatarstan 737 crash

    ​Russia’s emergencies ministry has confirmed 50 fatalities from the accident at Kazan involving a Tatarstan Airlines...

  • Kazan crash involves Tatarstan 737

    ​Forty-four passengers and six crew were on board a Boeing 737-500 which has crashed at Kazan in the republic of...

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  • FARNBOROUGH: Aeroflot expects new Russian LCCs to follow Dobrolet

    News | 16 Jul 2014 16:09 | Oliver Clark

    New low-cost airlines will begin appearing in Russia following changes to national legislation and the start of operations by Aeroflot low-cost arm Dobrolet, the flag carrier’s chief executive Vitaly Saveliev predicts.
  • FARNBOROUGH: Russia's resurgent United Aircraft

    News | 12 Jul 2014 13:55 | Dominic Perry

    ​For United Aircraft, Russia’s state-owned aerospace giant, the last 12 months appear to have been a period of consolidation and reinforcement. Its two flagship civil programmes have made solid if unspectacular progress, largely avoiding the calamities of previous years. And on the military side, deliveries of current models have continued apace to its masters in Moscow – as well as healthy number to export customers. Development of the next generation of fighter aircraft had appeared to be going smoothly too, although a 10 June fire aboard a Sukhoi T-50/PAK-FA prototype may cause more problems than the company has so far admitted to. Meanwhile, in the background, UAC has continued with the deep restructuring process that began virtually with its inception in 2006.
  • Restructuring UAC foresees profitability in ‘two to three years’

    News | 06 Jun 2014 11:57 | Dominic Perry

    ​Russia’s United Aircraft maintains it is on track for profitability in the next “two to three years” despite seeing pre-tax losses balloon in 2013 to Rb12.9 billion ($364 million).
  • Finnair to add three Russian routes

    News | 04 Jun 2014 09:28 | Oliver Clark

    Finnair will operate three new Russian routes from Helsinki as part of its summer schedule.
  • UTair to start Superjet operations next month

    News | 07 May 2014 14:01 | Tom Zaitsev

    ​UTair has outlined its initial Sukhoi Superjet 100LR domestic deployment plan.
  • Grozny-Avia adds Crimean base

    News | 28 Apr 2014 14:46 | Tom Zaitsev

    ​Grozny-Avia is setting up a base at Simferopol, with a view to linking the Crimean regional capital to several Russian cities.