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  • PICTURE: Airship technology demonstrator makes maiden flight

    Nevada based-Airship Surveillance flew its technology demonstrator R&D1 airship for the first time on 11...

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  • PICTURE: Airship technology demonstrator makes maiden flight

    News | 18 Mar 2008 07:30 | Rob Coppinger

    Nevada based-Airship Surveillance flew its technology demonstrator R&D1 airship for the first time on 11...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/PICTURE-Airship-technology-demonstrator-makes-maiden-flight-222269/
  • Hongdu works on supersonic fighter trainer

    News | 24 Sep 2001 23:00

    <p>Hongdu Aviation Industry Group is carrying out feasibility studies into the development of a next-generation supersonic advanced trainer to prepare Chinese pilots for operating third- and fourth-generation fighters. </p> <p>At China Expo 2001, Hongdu, part of China Aviation Industry II, revealed the L15, a design reminiscent of the Korea Aerospace Industries/Lockheed MartinT-50 and proposed EADS Mako trainer/light combat aircraft. The L15 is envisaged as a twin-engined, tandem-seat aircraft equipped with a fly-by-wire flight control system. The aircraft could be modified to operate in the light air-to-ground attack role. </p> <p>The L15 would be able to emulate the flying characteristics of advanced fighter aircraft. Nanchang, Jiangxi Province-based Hongdu says the cockpit will feature head-up and multi-function displays and hands-on throttle-and-stick controls plus an external stores management system. The L15 would have a maximum take-off weight of 9,500kg (21,000lb) and would hhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Hongdu-works-on-supersonic-fighter-trainer-136585/
  • Meridiana cost cutting agreement pays off

    News | 09 Jun 1998 23:00

    <p>Italy's Meridiana has posted a profits recovery after agreeing a major cost-cutting deal with its workforce last year, </p> <p>The airline, the bulk of which is owned by the Aga Khan, saw profits climb to L15 billion ($9 million), having been little above break-even in 1996. Sales were up by 15%, to L551 billion, helped by the arrival of a nineteenth MD-80. As the price for union concessions, Meridiana is preparing to hand about 16.7% of the company to its 1,100 staff. No further share sales are envisaged in the short term.</p>http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Meridiana-cost-cutting-agreement-pays-off-38029/
  • Air Dolomiti reports first-ever profit

    News | 08 Jul 1997 23:00

    <p>Marco Messalla/ROME </p> <p>Air Dolomiti has posted its first profits since start-up, setting up the north Italian regional carrier for its forthcoming share issue and for the expected order of three regional jets. </p> <p>The airline, which was founded in 1990, turned in an operating profit of L15 billion ($8.8 million) in 1996, having managed only break-even the year before. Sales came in at L83 billion, but are expected to grow to around L120 billion as the network expands. </p> <p>The proflt comes as Air Dolomiti prepares to sell 20%of its stock to Italian investors, and is expected to order three 50-seat regional jets - either Bombardier Canadair Regional Jetsor Embraer's EMB-145 - this month. </p> <p>The Trieste-based airline has a fleet of Aero International (Regional)ATR42s, flying as a Lufthansa partner in to Munich and Frankfurt as well as serving other European destinations. </p> <p>Other of Italy's fledgling regional airlines have fared less well in the country's nohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Air-Dolomiti-reports-first-ever-profit-10513/
  • Private funds elude Alitalia

    News | 31 Mar 1997 23:00

    <p>Put your wallet away: Alitalia's no longer for sale. The carrier has abandoned its quest for private investors and turned to state holding company IRI for the full capital injection. </p> <p>The Italian treasury has now confirmed that IRI will inject the remaining L1.5 trillion (US$880 million) of fresh funds into Alitalia, after private investors failed to materialise. 'It has been difficult to get private investors during this problematic time for Alitalia,' concedes IRI. The state holding company has already provided the first half of Alitalia's L3 trillion capital injection. </p> <p>But at least part of those funds are unlikely to find their way to Alitalia. The European Commission is understood to have set a maximum ceiling of L2.8 trillion and is expected to rule in April whether the funds constitute state aid. Any earlier ruling on the capital injection was scuppered by Brussels' demands that Alitalia make its restructuring plan 'less expansionist and more prudent' after Alhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Private-funds-elude-Alitalia-1932/
  • Defensive moves

    News | 12 Mar 1997 00:00

    <p>It is shaping up to be a long, hot, summer for Europe's defence-electronics industry. The pending privatisation of Thomson-CSF has already got strategists busy plotting and rivals initiating pre-emptive manoeuvres, with Europe's other major defence-electronics player, GEC-Marconi, leading the pack. </p> <p>In the last couple of weeks, German industrial giant Siemens has relaunched the sale of its defence division with hopes of finding a buyer by September, and GEC has announced talks with Italy's Alenia Difesa to find areas of "collaboration" which it plans to wrap up by the end of June. </p> <p>Siemens is understood to have had interest from GEC, Daimler-Benz Aerospace (Dasa) and Thomson-CSF, all of which were in the running two years ago when the German group first put up its defence-electronics business up for sale. Siemens finally took the division off the market at the end of 1995, saying that offers had failed to meet its expectations, despite a year of talks with Dasa. </p>http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Defensive-moves-154/