News Listings for LAM Mozambique Airlines

  • ANALYSIS: Southern Africa's flagging carriers

    News | 31 May 2013 08:52 | Martin Rivers

    While financial turmoil at South African Airways often makes headlines in the sub-region, the Johannesburg-based flag carrier is far from the only troubled...
  • This week - briefing

    News | 28 Nov 2009 12:00

    Sikorsky's Coatesville, Pennsylvania facility is set to receive for customisation the first...
  • Africa's fortunes attract new rivals

    News | 23 Jul 2009 12:26 | Victoria Moores

    <P>Africa's cash-based economy has largely protected it from the financial meltdown. Trade is often based on face-to-face transactions and most conferences are government-sponsored, meaning travel budgets have remained intact. Ethiopian Airlines chief executive Girma Wake says: "Africa is in a slightly better position than the rest and therefore the mood is not as bad among African carriers." Nigerian transport minister Babatunde Omotoba agrees: "Africa remains an area of opportunity where we are still experiencing real growth." </P> <P>This year African carriers are expected to rack up $200 million in operating losses, swelling to $500 million at the net level, according to the latest IATA forecast. While this outlook seems bleak, both figures have in fact been narrowed by $100 million against earlier predictions. "The global recession has hit African economies but in most cases not as badly as elsewhere," explains IATA chief economist Brian Pearce. </P> <P>While the reduced loss outl
  • Business: Good week - Bad week

    News | 06 Jun 2009 11:00

    Delta Pilots - The carrier and its pilots' union agreed a voluntary early retirement programme to address overstaffing. The scheme includes a severance payment,...
  • IATA 2009: Airlines in crisis seek green shoots of recovery

    News | 05 Jun 2009 08:00

    <P>The industry is still falling and there is no sign yet that the bottom is in sight. That is the unequivocal message from the six heads of the regional airline associations that represent the world’s leading carriers – interviewed by <EM><EM>Airline&nbsp;Business</EM> </EM>in the days running up to this year’s <A href="">IATA&nbsp;Annual General Meeting</A>. <BR>Any talk of green shoots of recovery is premature. “We do not know when the downturn will bottom out,” says Ivan Misetic, chairman of the <A href="">Association&nbsp;of European Airlines</A>. “Passenger volumes are in steep decline and the air freight market has suffered what can only be described as collapse.” he says, after gauging opinion at the AEA spring presidents’ assembly in late May. <BR>“This industry didn’t have any breathing space to forget the last crisis, even a little bit,” notes Abdul Wahab Teffaha, secretary general of the <A href="http://www.a
  • Five vie for cut of LAM

    News | 31 Jul 1997 23:00

    <p>Three airlines have emerged as bidders for a stake in LAM Mozambique Airlines, with a decision due by October. </p> <p>In total five consortia, including three led by TAP Air Portugal, South African Airways, and Air Mauritius, have pre-qualified to bid for a 51 per cent stake in the state-owned carrier, according to Estezao Uamusse, president of CEP, the government's privatisation commission. But the airline-led consortia have a clear lead over the other two, led by consultants, as the government is looking for a strategic airline investor. 'The most important thing for the consortia is that they include an airline,' says Uamusse. </p> <p>Under the terms of the tender each consortium must comprise a foreign investor, to take a 20-30 per cent stake, and a national investor partner, who will hold the remaining 21 per cent. </p> <p>Air Mauritius' interest has been sparked by growing economic ties between Mauritius and Mozambique and LAM's 'commercially quite viable routes', states V