News Listings for Luang Prabang

  • PB Air orders Embraer 170s

    News | 14 Oct 2002 23:00

    <p>Embraer has landed its first east Asian customer for the 170 regional jet with an order from Bangkok-based PB Air for up to three aircraft plus two 50-seat ERJ-145s.</p> <p>An initial ERJ-145 dry-leased from Embraer should arrive by late December and the first 170 a year later, with deliveries to be completed in 2004, says PB commercial director Sarene Sukhum.</p> <p>He says the orders for the 70-seat 170 can be switched to the stretched 175. PB will use the aircraft to replace three ageing Fokker F28 Mk4000s, which operate domestically. The 170s will inaugurate a five-times weekly Luang Prabang service from Bangkok under a codeshare with Thai Airways International and Lao Aviation.</p> <p>Orders for additional aircraft could follow as PB aims to add more routes to neighbouring countries over the next few years.</p> <p>The carrier has received most of its routes from Thai, which now codeshares on many domestic services operated by PB and Air Andaman.</p>
  • Regional Thai

    News | 31 Mar 2002 23:00

    <p>Aggressive pursuit of new opportunities for growth - which includes creating foreign subsidiaries and building its own airports - and a focus on its core market have helped the regional thrive in a difficult profit environment</p> <p>Carriers bemoaning their inability to gain access to major airports must regard Bangkok Airways with awe. Frustrated with the politics that prevented it from flying into Thailand's major tourist destinations, the regional carrier simply set about building its own resort, complete with airport. Coming from obscurity to record profits in a challenging environment, Bangkok Airways continues to prosper by knowing its market and seizing opportunities for growth.</p> <p>Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth - a doctor whose fascination with aviation was born watching Second World War bombers fly overhead - founded the airline as a charter concern in 1968 and converted it to a scheduled carrier in 1989 to capitalise on Thailand's growing tourism sector. One of Prasert's
  • Bangkok Airways adds flights from neighbouring countries

    News | 12 Feb 2002 00:00

    <p>JUSTIN WASTNAGE / BANGKOK</p> <p>Four-nation pact allows subsidiary to operate new routes in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam </p> <p>Bangkok Airways is set to take advantage of its fifth freedom rights through Cambodia to operate flights originating in four neighbouring countries. The airline, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Siem Reap Airways, plans to add flights from Wang Prabang in Laos to Danong-Hue in Vietnam and from Hue to Siem Reap in Cambodia.</p> <p>The airline established Cambodia-based Siem Reap Airways to "get around legalities in Thailand", says vice-president, maintenance and engineering Marc Kirner. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam have an open skies agreement allowing carriers from one country to operate international services in each others' territories. Bangkok Airways operates a continuous "flip-flop" wet lease deal with Siem Reap Airways, with all crew and support based in Thailand. The Cambodian subsidiary uses aircraft from Bangkok Airways' fleet of nine
  • South-East Asian airlines - Cutting through the haze

    News | 21 May 2001 23:00

    <p>Moves towards open skies in South-East Asia have left the future unclear for some airlines </p> <p>David Fullbrook/PHNOM PENH </p> <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=5550' /></p> <p>Authorities in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam have been marching at different paces towards their own interpretations of open skies in recent years. At the core of their individual missions is a commitment to attracting more high spending tourists who do not share backpackers' delight in bus marathons on the region's dangerous roads. </p> <p>Vietnam and its allies Cambodia and Laos are working together as the Mekong Forum to increase flights. Since October, Vietnam Airlines has flown one of the more innovative routes resulting from this agreement: its ATR72s link Hanoi with Vientiane, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City. In April a fourth weekly flight was added due to healthy demand. </p> <p>Impoverished Cambodia, however, sets the pace in liberal aviation policy. President Airlines, fla
  • Cutting the red tape

    News | 21 Nov 2000 00:00

    <p>Private regional operators in Thailand complain of protectionism by the aviation authorities, but one airline has sidestepped the bureaucracy</p> <p>Andrzej Jeziorski/BANGKOK and SIEM REAP </p> <p>Fed up with the red tape it has encountered in trying to expand its regional operations, Bangkok Airways has arrived at an unorthodox solution. </p> <p>In a rare move, paralleled only by the founding of Virgin Blue in Australia, the growing regional carrier has set up a 100%-owned subsidiary, Siem Reap Airways International, in neighbouring Cambodia, with an eye to eventually developing this new off-shoot into that country's second national carrier. The Cambodian authorities, for their part, give every indication that they have allowed this to happen as a wake-up call to Cambodia's indigenous airlines, which have a reputation for inefficiency. </p> <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=4897' /></p> <p>Cambodia's secretary of state for tourism, Thong Khon, pointedly referred to t