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  • Boeing confirms new large aircraft study

    News | 24 Mar 1999 00:00

    <p>Guy Norris/LOS ANGELES</p> <p>Boeing says it is still studying all-new large aircraft concepts, dubbed the Large Airplane Product Development (LAPD), despite its deliberate focus on 747 derivatives and opposition to more costly all-new concepts such as the the proposed Airbus A3XX. </p> <p>"Boeing is studying a large aircraft," says the company's product marketing regional director, Jacki Caferro, who adds that the low-level work is aimed mainly at "just staying on top of what is happening in the market, and what is happening in technology". Caferro adds that "somewhere down the line, the airlines may want something with more capacity than the 747". </p> <p>Until now, Boeing has maintained silence over any non-747 based derivative work in the large-aircraft arena. Since the company backed away from its New Large Airplane (NLA) activities in 1995, Boeing has publicly poured all its product development energies into 747 derivatives. The effort almost culminated in the 747-500X/600X