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    North American MROs are preparing to work through a backlog of postponed narrowbody maintenance

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  • ALTA: Aeromar to diversify network into the USA

    News | 15 Nov 2012 18:06 | Edward Russell

    Mexican boutique regional carrier Aeromar plans to diversify its network to include new routes to the USA, as it faces increasing competition at its Mexico...
  • ALTA: Will government intervene in Mexicana rescue?

    News | 14 Nov 2012 10:33 | David Knibb

    <p>Mexico's president-elect, Enrique Peña, is sending out mixed signals about the prospect of his government intervening to rescue Mexicana from its two-year-old bankruptcy. </p><p>Before his election in July, Peña promised that his administration would seek a Mexicana bailout. That resonated well with labour unions. But the head of his transition team on infrastructure wants to wait and see what happens, with a new judge now handling the case. </p><p>"It is up to the judge to resolve it," says Gerardo Ruiz, head of the transition team. "We will pay attention to the solution; it is an important issue. But it is up to the judge."</p><p>Asked if this means the government is no longer considering a bailout, Ruiz says the new administration, which takes office on 1 December, wants to wait for the judge's decision "before anticipating anything".</p><p>Interjet chairman Miguel Alemán has already urged the new government to stay out of Mexicana's affairs. At a recent business summit in Mexic